KofSports Nation Member Eats 115 Nuggets in the #MeVsNuggets Challenge

So @MindOfQuinn participated in the #MeVsNuggets challenge on Saturday. This is a challenge that has been ongoing since 2011 when Cavs fans attempt to eat more chicken nuggets than the Denver Nuggets score points against the Cavs. Check out the pregame convo from the McDonald’s drive through:

The Nuggets pre-game total over under was set at 112, and of course Quinn took the over. He got off to an early start 29-13. Things progressed and he held strong at 55-37 but the lack of defense from the Cavs allowed the Nuggets to take a 73-71 lead into the half. Quinn came out strong in the second half and jumped out to a 91-83 lead but it was inevitable that the Denver Nuggets were going to keep piling up the points and there was only so much room in his stomach to keep taking down nuggets to keep up with the Nuggets. Here’s the final:

This guy is an absolute fucking legend! He took down 115 nuggets compared to the Denver Nuggets 126 final score. Look at the SportsCenter host - if that's not a look of being impressed, I don't know what is. I have to say, if the Cavs defense showed up at all, he would have completed the challenge no problem. 115 is a fucking impressive number. How do you even do that? How do you prepare for it? 48 minutes in an NBA game, that’s 2.3 nuggets per minute of game time. By the looks of his twitter feed, he really started to feel it early in the second half and it only got worse from there. I can’t imagine waking up and having to work a 12 hour shift. L-E-G-E-N-D.

One of my go to sayings is that there’s winners and there’s losers. Quinn might have lost to the Nuggets but he’s a winner in my book. An effort like this can’t go without some sort of statue being built outside of the McDonald’s that he bought his nuggets at. These are the type of people that make up KofSports Nation, that’s right, he’s a proud member of KofSports Nation. KOFSPORTS NATION IS EVERYWHERE!

Quinn – thanks for being a fucking legend.