BREAKING: Lamar Jackson, Heisman QB, is not a Wide Receiver

Indianapolis, IN - Draft prospects showed up to Lucas Oil Stadium over the past week to show NFL organizations how worthy they are of being drafted. General managers, coaches, and front-office executives alike came to see which players would fit in their respective systems. In a day-in-age where teams are looking for work-horse backs, shut-down corners, and franchise QBs; the Combine can be very beneficial if used correctly. However, apparently, some team representatives don't seem to know how to use the Combine towards their own benefit.

The NFL Network reported that multiple teams wanted Lamar Jackson to do some WR work outs in this year's combine.

Now this is not an unheard of tactic, Sony Michel (RB, UGA) was asked to do WR work outs and Bradley Chubb (DE, NC St.) was asked to tryout a role as LB. However, these men were not given the Heisman for their ability in their positions. These men were in comparable positions to that which they were asked to practice. Lamar Jackson was never a pass catcher, but Michel was, and Chubb was a multiple purpose defender.

Jackson being asked to catch balls instead of throw them is pretty dumb. If a coach drafts a player at a position different than that player's college position, there's nothing to stop that. But if one of the best QBs in the NCAA of the past 2 years only fits in your system as a WR, then don't draft him. It doesn't take a rocket-arm-scientist to figure that one out.

The teams that suggested he tryout as a receiver better not draft him as a QB, because if he finds out they considered him for anything other than quarterback, he might just demand $75 million every year for the next 10 years with $300 million guaranteed. He'll make that GM and head coach beg at his feet for him to not hold out. He'll make them apologize for ever questioning his talent.

Lamar Jackson may not be the best passer in the draft and probably won't be the best passer in his transition to the pros. There's a legitimate chance that he flops. But you don't ask someone who has never caught a ball in his life to be your team's next rookie wideout. Hopefully he'll find himself on a roster that doesn't waste their time drafting kickers to the OL or DEs as slot receivers.