Mass High School Basketball Team Wins 93-7

Link to the original story on Yahoo.

East Bridgewater (MA) High School girls took on Madison Park High in the first round of the state sectional tournament. East Bridgewater was the 5th seed and Madison Park was the 12th seed. A classic 5 vs 12 matchup, we always see 12’s upset 5’s in March, right? Well not this time. East Bridgewater got out to a 24-0 lead and continued to put on the full court press into the third quarter. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter, East Bridgewater pulled up for a 3 at the buzzer to go up 70-4! The final scored turned out to be 93-7. 93 to fucking 7! Lol.

Of course this caused a scene and parents of Madison Park were upset. Wouldn’t you be as well? It got to a point where the East Bridgewater Superintendent of schools publicly apologized for the beat down that EBH laid down on MPH.

Jay Busbee, the writer for Yahoo asks the question if EBH should have eased off when they got out to the early lead. Absolutely fucking not! It’s a good lesson in life for both the winners and losers. As a coach on the winning side, you don’t tell your players to ease up and play nicely because you are absolutely fucking dominating the opponent. Oh sure, let’s take the press off and let them get some momentum back and sneak back into this game. No thanks, let’s step on their fucking throats, run away with this one, and cover the spread times ten. It’s also a few lessons for the losing team – one – only the strong survive, 2 – be more prepared for major events in life, 3 – not every day of your life is going to go the way you want it to. So no Jay, they shouldn’t have eased off and there shouldn’t be a problem with this at all. To answer your question about being on the losing side, sure it would suck to be one of those parents but the parents should be prepared to explain these lessons in life to their young athletes. A public apology should not be necessary. They played the game, they played by the rules, and they put down a good old fashion ass whooping.

There’s winners and there’s losers – get over it.