Is Derrius Guice the Gay Son of a Prostitute?

In an interview with SiriusXM, draft prospect Derrius Guice revealed some damning questioned asked to him by an undisclosed NFL team. The questions included, but weren't limited to, if he was attracted to men and if his mother "sells herself" out.

First let me start by saying, only a crazy ass team would ask something this overtly stupid, so I'm going to guess it was the Chargers. *Sidebar Hot Take: Chargers are the only team ballsy enough to ask a man if he's homosexual and/or the child of a hooker* At the end of the day I am not sure which team it was, but whichever team it was better not draft him. Guice would then have every right in the world to refuse their offer and hold out for the XFL, which is totally in every prospects back pocket if we're being honest with ourselves.

Was the question appropriate? No. Necessary? No. Relevant? No. Or even well thought out? No.

And I in no way support their decision to ask him such questions... but I might just know why they asked him, and it won't be for the reasons most of you are thinking. I'm just spitballing here but if Guice was the gay son of a prostitute, his draft stock definitely skyrockets up on my big board. He'd be like Micheal Oher from The Bindside times a million. If the world found out he was able to overcome the socioeconomic hurdles that accompany being a black, gay whoreson; he'd have every person in America rooting for him.

Guice was probably being interviewed by some Los Angeles assistant-deputy co-position coach in Indianapolis during the Scouting Combine and the Chargers' rep was thinking he needed some headlines. He needed something to bring back to HQ and convince Coach Lynn to draft someone. After countless interviews, the Chargers' rep started getting antsy and began throwing metaphorical Hail Marys, hoping that some lucky athlete would have what he was looking for. By the time he got to Guice, he was basically asking everything short of "Are you a murderer?" and "Which Spongebob character best matches your personality?"

May I just say, to whichever coaching staff actually asked Derrius Guice about his and his mother's sexual endeavors, if you are looking for a headline grabber, draft Shaquem Griffin. He's a monster LB, performed tremendously at the Combine, and best-of-all is someone who overcame a relevant obstacle to succeed in football. You don't have to ask him "Hey Shaquem, is there anything you'd like to tell us about your mother's promiscuity?" Because the only thing of his past that could've held him back is as obvious as the hand that is not on his arm.

So unidentified NFL team (who I will continue to believe to be the Chargers for no other reason than it seems like a Chargers thing to do), don't be desperate for a rags to riches story when the ultimate adversity champion is sitting on the table for the taking. And to Guice, don't take it personally. The only thing you should be offended about is the fact that they just wanted you to be into dudes or the child of a call girl, not that they assumed you were either. And to all my readers who believe there's no place for this questioning, I completely agree. A team shouldn't base faith in a player over whether or not that player comes from a woman who sells herself, or that player being attracted to males. A team should only base faith in a player off of that players ability to sell jerseys. Simple as that.