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So I put out the survey today and I appreciate all of the feedback from you guys! It will really go a long way into making KofSports better! A lot of you said you would like more bankroll management tips. So with that, I'm making a power move and releasing my complete eBook to you guys for no charge. Keep in mind, when I did this challenge I took picks outside of daily VIP picks and did not play every single VIP pick every day for this challenge. The betting structure should be very helpful to you guys who are looking to get more bankroll management tips. We will also make it a point to do more pieces on bankroll management in the future. Enjoy.

KofSports Keys to Winning Consistently:

So you have a problem, you love sports betting but you can’t seem to put together a strategy to win consistently. There are many other people just like you in the same boat, in fact they say that 90% of sports bettors actually lose money. This book will discuss the most important factors to become a successful sports bettor. The two most important factors are of course, picking winners and bankroll management. This book will give you an in depth look at a winning bankroll management strategy, a daily summary of picks, and a daily journal from the mind of KofSports along the way. Enjoy!

There are three types of bettors out there, people who bet for fun, people who bet to win but don’t, and finally people who bet to win and do. Each group has a certain betting style along with certain characteristics that lead to the results for each group. Let’s take a closer look at each group and some of this things may remind you of yourself.

People who bet for fun: these people are always focused on the best paying odds, why bet on a single game for even money when you can play a ten team parlay for a fifty-six to one payout? This group of bettors enjoy parlays the most because of the potential to win. These people find themselves placing bets thinking about what they could win more than placing a bet that they actually think they have a good chance of winning. That’s right, a lot of you place big parlay bets and tell yourself, “eh, this probably won’t hit BUT if it does!” These people rarely hit the big parlay but they don’t care because they always have that chance to hit “life changing” money. If that’s your style and you understand that you won’t win in the long run, that’s fine but you might want to stop reading now. Another big mistake that this group of people make is that they bet on games strictly for the fact that it’s going to be on TV and they can watch it. Why would I bet on Toronto vs Utah when I won’t be able to watch it when I could bet on Cleveland vs Boston which will be Nationally Televised? Atleast you will have fun watching the game but over time, betting on games just because they are on TV will lead to you losing money.

People who bet to win, but don’t: these people make good picks and have some good strategies/tactics but they also have some bad habits that completely cancel out the results from their good strategies. Sound like you? I can see the wheels spinning in your head now, you do win a lot of bets but it seems like you always end up losing in the long run. Think about some of the things you do that might be a bad habit and contribute to you losing your winnings. Ready for me to hit the nail on the head? First bad habit is betting more when you win because it’s “house money.” An example of this is if you start with $100, win a two or three team parlay and now you have $250. You then either place a bet for $250 because it’s “house money” or you bet a large amount of it on a big time parlay because “it’s not like you really have the money” or “it’s a chance to win big without really losing anything because I just won it.” This mistake is common for losing bettors and it’s honestly natural human nature to think like this. However, if you want to consistently win in the long run, you can’t think like this. Ready for the next bad habit? Good ol tilt. Tilt is a term used to describe the behavior of a bettor who loses a bet or multiple bets and makes more bets with the mindset of “I need to make this money back because I lost it.” What drives tilt? Any losing bet can make you feel a little bit of pressure to go on tilt. This group of people can’t handle it and they lose more and more. You make poor decisions when you are on tilt and that leads to you losing even more. Example: You lose a $100 bet and not only do you lose but the team you took blows a large lead or loses on a buzzer beater. This can really make you feel the pressure of tilt more than just a regular loss. Your mindset is, “how am I going to make it back? Let’s see.” Then you instantly log in to your app on your phone and look at the late night games that haven’t started yet or the “live betting” options that are growing in popularity online. You are essentially just betting to bet in hopes of making the money back that you lost earlier. This bad habit may actually work once in a while but like I said, if you are doing this, you will not win in the long run.

People who bet to win and do: This is the group that you want to be part of, this is the goal of all sports bettors although bad habits can distract a bettor and put them in the first two groups that I just touched on. So what are people doing differently in this group that differentiates them from groups one and two (the losers)? Let’s start by looking at the things that this group of people are NOT doing. This group of people are not consistently taking huge parlays with a low chance of winning, they are not betting on games just because they are on TV, they are not betting differently when they win just because it’s “house money”, and finally they are not making bigger bets just to chase previous losses. What are some things that they are doing that contributes to their consistent success? This group of people put a lot of time in and do their homework on games. Everyday, these people are looking at stats, trends, storylines to find the best matchups to bet on. They bet to win games, regardless of the odds. If they see a game with odds of (-200) on the moneyline but they are confident in it, they play that game. Bettors in the other two groups would not play this same game by itself because the odds are “so bad.” However, in this example the bettor who took the (-200) for $20 won $10 while the bettor who added three other games to it in order to get “better” odds lost $20. People in this group bet to win and aren’t worried about a big pay out quickly, they are patient and the winnings continue to add up week after week, month after month, and year after year. Another big part of being successful in the long run is coming up with a winning strategy/structure. All bettors who are successful in the long run have a strategy or structure that they stick to, even when they go through a cold streak.

So now you are asking yourself how you can come up with a winning strategy. Lucky for you, I’m here to share mine with you which I have developed over the last 10 years of trial and error. You are going to need to follow these four concepts - Picking winners consistently, discipline, patience, and bankroll management.

Picking winners consistently: This is easier for some people than others. The more knowledge and experience you have or build, the better you will get at picking winners consistently. I am the founder and CEO of, if you struggle picking winners successfully, head over to and we can help you out with this. My advice for this concept of picking winners consistently is focus on picking winners, not picking winners with the best odds. Your winnings will add up when you’re winning consistently. If you are focusing on odds, your losses will add up.

Discipline: This is a trait that is a must have if you want to consistently win at sports betting. If you don’t have discipline, you’re going to have a pretty tough time being profitable. You need to be disciplined enough to stick to your bankroll management strategy. We will get into my bankroll management strategy shortly. You need to be in control of the bets you make and don’t just bet a game to get some action in or because it’s on TV and you can watch it. You need to have the discipline to avoid going on tilt and making poor decision bets just to chase your losses from earlier. You need to avoid betting bigger just because you have won and are playing with “house money.”

Patience: If you’re not patient, you aren’t going to be able to profit in the long run because you will always find yourself going for the big pay day. It’s rare for a bettor to hit these big pay days in a short period of time. Of course, you always see the big parlay tickets but it’s not often that they hit. You need to be patient and follow the bankroll management tips we will discuss below in order to profit in the long run.

Bankroll Management: you need to come up with your own bankroll management strategy or use someone’s strategy who has proven success. I have put this bankroll management strategy over ten years of trial and error. It’s a great system and it makes your chances of profiting in the long run a whole lot better than if you are just randomly betting games every day.

Your first step is determining your starting bankroll. This is key because if you don’t determine your bankroll, you can’t follow the strategy/structure that I have put together below. Having a bankroll will allow you to stick to this strategy and avoid a lot of mistakes that we talked about earlier. So determine your initial bankroll, be sure that you are comfortable with the amount that you decide to start with. For this example, we are going to start with a bankroll of $100. Now that you have determined your starting bankroll, it’s time to take a closer look at the strategy/structure I have put together.

Starting bankroll = $100

Levels: (vary based on your starting bankroll)

Level 1 = $100-$199

Level 2 - $200-$299

Level 3 = $300-$399

Level 4 = $400-$499

Level 5 = $500-$599

Level 6 = $600-$699

Level 7 = $700-$799

Level 8 = $800-$899

Level 9 = $900-$999

Level 10 = $1,000-$1,099

You will need to reference these levels as you continue to build your bankroll. To start, you want to make each bet 10% of your starting bankroll. So, since we are starting with $100, we will start off by betting $10 per bet. We will continue this until we build our bankroll to Level 2. Once we build our bankroll up to Level 2 ($200-$299), each bet will be $20. You will continue to do this as you build your bankroll and take it to each level.

Picking winners consistently, discipline, patience, and bankroll management are the four concepts that you need to master in order to consistently win when it comes to sports betting.

So are you ready to see the potential results when you are able to master these four concepts? I will be documenting picks, results, and a daily journal as we progress over a 25 day period. You will have an inside look at my thought process for the picks, the results, and my mind set as we go through the guaranteed ups and downs that we will face over the next 25 days. This 25 day look will be a great example of how you can become a bettor who bets to win and actually does.

Day 1: Thursday, 2/1/2018 - Bankroll $100

NHL - Tampa Bay ML (-112) over Calgary - Tampa Bay will be looking for their first win of the second half and they will be taking on a Calgary team that hasn’t won a game in their last 5 games.

Risk $10 to win $8.93 - result - Win

NBA - Houston (-1.5) over San Antonio - Not sure why Houston is only favored by (-1.5) in this game. In their only other matchup this season, Houston beat San Antonio 124-109. Ariza may be out tonight but James Harden will be playing and he will be going off.

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset - before the games, I really wanted to find two to three games that I was really confident in to get off to a good start. Both of these games seemed to be sure winners based on recent game results. As expected, both of these games went like they were supposed to and we went 2-0.

Day 2: Friday, 2/2/2018 - Bankroll $118.02

NCAAB - Utah PK (-110) - Utah has won 3 of 4 while Colorado has lost 3 of 4. I’m liking Utah to stay hot and win this one.

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - loss

Kof’s Daily Mindset - There wasn’t a lot of action to be had for a Friday but this was my game of choice. It seemed like a good matchup but things didn’t go as I expected them too. I took the one loss and didn’t go out and make any poor decisions to make a bet and try to make up for my loss. 0-1 on the day and we will get back after it tomorrow.

Day 3: Saturday, 2/3/2018 - Bankroll $108.02

NHL - Los Angeles ML (-200) - they will be taking on a very bad Arizona team who has lost their last 2 games. Big time moneyline here but like I said earlier, it’s about picking winners, not winners with the best odds.

Risk $10 to win $5 - result - Win

NHL - Tampa Bay ML (-168)

Risk $10 to win $5.95 - result - Win

NHL - St. Louis (-165)

Risk $10 to win $6.06 - result - Win

NHL - Tampa Bay / Los Angeles - 2 team parlay

Risk $10 to win $11 - results - Win

NBA - Houston (-3.5) - they will be taking on a struggling Cleveland team and Houston is the hottest team in the league. I’m expecting the Rockets to run away with this one

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset - Big day today going 3-0 on hockey and the big win by Houston for NBA. Big thing about today’s profits is that we want to be sure we stick to our strategy tomorrow (SuperBowl Sunday) and make sure that we don’t just bet things to bet things because we have “house money.”

Day 4: Sunday, 2/4/2018 - Bankroll $145.12

NFL - New England ML (-180) - I’m confident in the Patriots to win this one outright and I think they will. The defense has been bad this year but Brady will find a way to pull it out.

Risk $10 to win $5.56 - result - loss

NFL - New England / Philadelphia Over (48) - both of these teams have the ability to put points on the board quickly and I think it will be quite the display of offense in this one.

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset: Well it’s always tough when your team loses a SuperBowl and even more tough when you lost a bet on your team to win the SuperBowl. We split the day 1-1 and lost the New England moneyline but we hit the over. Not so bad, we lost on the day but our net loss was about $1. We will look to bounce back tomorrow.

Day 5: Monday, 2/5/2018 - Bankroll $144.21

NHL - Tampa Bay ML (-143)

Risk $10 to win $6.99 - result - loss

NHL - Nashville ML (-136)

Risk $10 to win $7.35 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset: Another day with a split but our net loss was only $3. No need to get worked up about it or lose any sleep over it.

Day 6: Tuesday, 2/6/2018 - Bankroll $141.56

NHL - Boston ML (-144)

Risk $10 to win $6.94 - result - Win

NCAA - Nebraska (+3.5)

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset: Today was a good day going 2-0 with an easy hockey win and a good NCAA win. We could have hit better odds with Nebraska moneyline but we took the spread to be safe. We are up $57 in the first six days so the system is working. We need to be sure we keep our patience and discipline. $40 more until we reach Level 2 and can increase our bet sizes to $20.

Day 7 Wednesday, 2/7/2018 - Bankroll $157.59

NBA - Houston (-5)

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

NCAA - Duquesne (+8)

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Loss

Kof’s Daily Mindset: Split today and a very small net loss.

Day 8 Thursday, 2/8/2018 - Bankroll $156.68

NBA - Oklahoma City (-3)

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - loss

NCAA - Weber State (-10)

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - loss

NCAA - North Dakota State (-1.5)