Sports Since Friday!

Sports Since Friday

By: G.P.

OBJ was caught in bed with drugs and a fine little lady,

Family is a retirement factor when it comes to Tom Brady.

The Cleveland Browns have restructured their team,

But the Miami Dolphins have scalped themselves clean.

Richard Sherman found a new home,

And Championship games were held in some domes.

The NCAA brackets have been released,

And OJ Simpson made his wife deceased.

The Lakers beat the Cavs in a recruitment aimed towards LeBron,

And Tiger Woods seems Augusta-bound as he continues moving on.

While a lot of NFL big names got shafted;

Mel Kiper guessed who'll be the first rookie drafted.

As baseball fans wait for the Opening Day,

The MLS fans crawled out of their caves.

And to the basketball fans with their brackets all filled,

Nice pick with Loyola but you don't know their skill.

The offseasons are exciting and the in-seasons are fun,

And if you're tired of this poem... it's almost done.

Just be happy and joyful and proud of your team,

No matter if you're a Trail Blazer or Pelican of Orleans.

You have have something special, a passion for sport.

Olympians so horny, horse jockeys so short.

So God Bless you men and women and kids,

Because the sports world needs us as much as we need it!