What is the Alliance of American Football?

Today, a long-time-secret plan was finally brought to light. Charlie Ebersol, son of television executive Dick Ebersol, announced his proposed new professional football league and his plans for its future. The Alliance of American Football is no sideshow brand however, this is the first legitimate contender against the NFL since the days of the USFL or the original XFL (which Charlie's father helped create). The company is backed by sports personalities, funded by credible investor groups, and has a CBS distribution already set. League play is set to begin February 9, 2019.

Woah Commish Goodell, better watch your wallet, because it looks like you're about to be broke as Aaron Rodgers' collarbone. The AAF is coming soon and has the means to make headlines (such as this one). The AAF, if nothing else, can get press coverage that will merit all sorts of attention. This isn't just some league that Vince McMahon is organizing out of boredom, this is a real project organized by real dudes. Jared Allen, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, and Justin Tuck are just a few of the names that are personally invested/involved in this new league. Bill Polian was a general manager and NFL executive before he joined onboard this Justice League of football guys. Ebersol did not name any coaches nor players who will be joining his league next year, but claim they will be well known and will be announced within the coming months.

Now I'll be honest, his specific news story hits home for me. I am a diehard semi-pro football fan; whether the amateurs play in arenas, in Australia, in Canada, with flags tied at the waist, or just regular rugby if I'm really missing football. AAF will begin its season as soon as the Super Bowl ends, which is awesome marketing, and getting the inaugural game to air on CBS is the definition of a big baller move. As far as excitement for the new league is concerned, Charlie Ebersol is doing as good of a job as possible.

Now the name-dropping worked, because when I heard those players names I immediately became confident in the AAF. The partnership with CBS and the funds from certain investors sold me even further. The plans for marketing the league are even further confirmation. But the thing that really got me all in was the new policy changes. NO KICKERS. The age old question has been answered:

-Are kickers real footballers? Umm, Obviously not because they aren't even on the football team!

Well done AAF. Also, making a 2.5 hour game... GENIUS! Cheap tickets with affordably priced concessions to top it all off. I can't wait to buy my season tickets.

So join me folks. Join me in my passion for minor league football. No matter if you're one of those people who is done with the NFL now due to something they did to piss you off, or a fan of the sport who's only regret is that the season isn't longer, the AAF is for you. Maybe one of the 8 teams will be located in your city. Perhaps you like fantasy football and want to give this version a shot. I am excited for the NFL's definite successor, and I hope you all will be too.

And to Roger Goodell, it's never too soon file bankruptcy.