Make a deal Friday!

Today is the first ever make a deal Friday. Many of you have been successful with your pay per picks but as we continue to grow, we would like to expand the nation. If today goes well, it will become a weekly thing. How does it work? YOU make us a deal by telling us what pick(s) you want and make an offer. DM with your deal.

Example: “Kof I want the 2 nhl picks tonight and I’ll give you $15”

Here are the VIP Pick games tonight but if you have another game you’d like a breakdown for just include it in your deal.


Devils @ Penguins 7:00 EST

Bruins @ Stars 8:30 EST 


Clemson vs Kansas 7:07 EST (CBS)

West Virginia vs Villanova 7:27 EST (TBS)

2 team cross sport parlay 7:30 EST