3/26 Free Play

2 team moneyline parlay 

Florida Panthers / Boston Celtics (-102) - really liking this two teamer tonight. 

Let’s start by looking at the team that the Panthers will be playing tonight, the New York Islanders. They’ve been BRUTAL lately, and really playing games like someone put Long Island Iced Tea in the cooler instead of Gatorade. They are just 2 and 13 in their last 15 games. The Panthers really need this win tonight because they are 3 points out of a Wild Card spot with 9 games to play. I think the Panthers come out and get the win tonight. 

Now, the banged up Celtics will be playing a back to back against the Phoenix Suns. If you thought the Islanders have been struggling, check out the Suns schedule. They are 1 and 21 in their last 22 games. The Celts are banged up and are on a back to back but they started the West Coast trip with a win over the Red hot Blazers and then pulled away late last night from the Kings. I don’t see any way the Suns hang around tonight.

No spreads involved in matchups like this and you just need these two teams to win outright for a payout right at even money? SURE! Pitchers of Long Islands on me (all New York Islander players are welcome to come).