Odell Beckham Jr. Recruited To The Cleveland Browns By Jarvis Landry

The offseason news cycle is notoriously full of mediocrity and trying too hard. As if I genuinely care that Allen Hurns is now with the Cowboys or that Ndamukong Suh can't find a team. The following article describes the danger that accompanies such headlines.

Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly has made it clear that he only intends to play next season if his team will renegotiate his contract. The Giants have not spoke specifically towards a contract extension but have given NY sports fans butterflies in the stomach by saying no players are 100% off the trading block. Obviously some rumbles of "Oh maybe OBJ will go to the [insert any team name here} because [insert stupid explanation here]" have began to swirl. So Browns fans decided to hop on the irrational-train straight to Nonsenseville thanks to the newest Cleveland Brown, and former LSU Tiger, Jarvis Landry.

Jarvis Landry has not just started a Twitter-storm; but, more accurately, has thrown the NFL Twitter-verse into a Twitter-hurricane. That crazy Miami burnout tweeted "Come to the Browns, reunite with my brother OBJ..." Even though anyone with brainwaves knows that OBJ is not leaving New York. If you think the Giants will throw away their hottest commodity to the worst team in sports history (not counting the Washington Generals), then you are even crazier than Landry. Odell does not belong in Cleveland, that'd be like putting LeBron James in Cleveland. Simply unnecessary.

And now that the world knows the Giants are technically not opposed to trading him away, real teams are really offering trades for the receiver. Just a few minutes ago, there was a reported trade between with the Giants and Rams for Beckham. WAY TO GO JARVIS! YOU"VE OPENED UP A WHOLE CAN OF WORMS WITH THIS ONE! Why did he have to ask for Odell to come to Cleveland? Why did OBJ even have to ask for a contract extension? Now the fastest developing team in the nation has a legit shot at the 3rd best WR in the league. The only reason he's an option to trade is because the Giants have too much pride to admit they just plan on rolling over to Odell's demands and paying him every dollar he's asked for.

I just don't understand why everyone has to ruin all of the offseason. The rules are simple. Make all the noise and rumors that you want, but don't do stupid stuff. Leave the stupid stuff to the other teams. Jarvis must not be used to this kind of press. He went from being a Miami playboy to being a resident of The 216. It's primetime for him now. Do better Jarv. Don't try to play God. And Giants... shut up with the trade talks and sign the only good player left on your offense. Or else you might just talk yourself into losing him. And Odell Beckham... stop threatening to hold out unless you get paid. Or else you might just talk yourself into ending up on the Browns.