Bryce Harper - Overrated?

I’m a day late to the party on this one but it’s too funny to not post. Bryce Harper was up to bat in the 9th inning against the Reds on Sunday and one of the one hundred fans in the park decided to yell, “OVERRATED” right before the pitch was delivered. Harper absolutely pissed on it for a solo shot that ended up being the difference in the game. Good work to the Cinci fan. Let’s take a deeper look at the situation and go inside this guys head at the time he decided it was a good idea to chirp at Harper.

Easter Sunday, miserable weather in early April, probably more than a few beers deep, and of course your team is losing. Let’s see where this guys mindset was at:

“Ugh – 5-3 and my Reds are losing. Maybe I should go get a beer? Oh wait, they cut me off in the 7th inning. I wonder what bars will be busy after the game. I need a beer. Oh Bryce Harper, wish we could get a player like that. – “OVERRATED” *SMACK – Homerun* Fuck. He is good. I look dumb. I need a beer.”

I’m sure the guy came to his senses pretty quick and I wonder what the fan next to him (probably at least a few sections away by the looks of the attendance to this game) said to him. I would have loved to have been sitting next to this guy and witnessed this ultimate facial by Bryce Harper. I can’t think of something like this happening recently in sports? Do you guys have any examples?