Gregg Popovich: Jerk

Head Coach Gregg Popovich, of the San Antonio Spurs, possesses a basketball mind like which the world has never seen. The man is smart and keen-eyed and always proves himself to be one step ahead of his opponents; so do not confuse this blog topic with an article made to question his credentials. Pop is in no way a bad coach... but he is a jerk.

Obviously this point of discussion is based around his persisting disfavor of the media. The man has hated sports broadcasters and their inquiries year after year. It has become so regular that his impoliteness can basically be mapped out. It usually occurs in one of these three formats.

1) Reporter asks question. Pop mocks question. Pop dismisses question. Next reporter asks question.

2) Reporter asks question. Pop mocks reporter. Pop dismisses reporter. Pop insists for a new reporter to ask a new question.

3) Reporter asks question. Pop answers question in a smartass tone with smartass phrasing. Pop walks away.

And a common rebuttal to this claim is that "Oh, it's just Popovich being Popovich. Just a curmudgeonly old man that's 'real' with the media. It's honestly just a silly persona that makes his character more entertaining." Well that just doesn't fly anymore, not while he's behind in the series. Not while he can't keep the best player on his team from dodging entire games. Not while he has more to prove than to lose. We should expect more from Pop. Stop belittling sports analysts and start coaching your team. Stop giving one word answers and fix the Kawhi situation. And stop being sarcastic and get a grip of your program before it falls apart.

Sports basically follow the policy that a participant can do whatever they want and be good at their job, or be mediocre and keep their mouth shut. Pop is performing less and less impressively but is still maintaining his same level of assholeness. That cake don't bake. Think about if a guy like Hue Jackson had the same devil-may-care personality as Bill Belichick; he'd have been fired so long ago that his last QB would've been RG3. Belichick is allowed to use his rumbly voice and his rude mannerisms because he breeds results. Popovich isn't breeding the same results he used to. And he isn't a Hue Jackson by any means, but fanbase permission of such antisocial responses should be reserved only for the best teams, and Pop doesn't fit that role this season. Just a year ago the Spurs were legit Finals contenders, and now they'll be lucky to win a single Playoff game.

Look. Gregg. Poppy. Mr Popovich. Coach P. We all know how amazing you are and that you're potential is without question. So maybe just chill out on reacting like a jerk anytime a halftime reporter asks you how you plan on correcting your gameplay in the 2nd half. We know it's a dumb question and it's the heat of the moment, but maybe just tell the nice lady or gentleman "Thanks" after your inevitably deprecating response. And in the locker room after the game, don't look so pissed about the journalists being back there. You've been doing this for awhile now. You KNOW that they'll be back there. So just play along and try to resist from claiming that you plan on drinking magic elixirs to improve performance, or from saying that you wish you could take away all their press passes, or from even just simply repeating the same thing over and over again until the reporters give up hope of a genuine answer.

And one day, when you're back on that mountaintop and you get Tim Duncan 3.0, feel free to be as disrespectful as you want. Then I'll happily defend you're behavior with an "Oh, it's just Popovich being Popovich."