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Rozier Beating Bledsoe on and off the court

After Game One of the First Round playoff matchup between the Celtics and Bucks, Terry Rozier referenced a former Boston Sports Hero, Drew Bledsoe. This may or may not have been intentional when he was talking about Eric Bledsoe of the Bucks. Intentional or not, Rozier was giving Eric Bledsoe a little too much credit. Why? Drew Bledsoe has actually led his team to a playoff victory before and Eric Bledsoe has not.

Eric Bledsoe obviously took offense to that comment because when he was asked about the matchup between him and Rozier after Game Two he asked, “Who?” The reporter repeated, Terry Rozier. Bledsoe responded, “I don’t even know who the fuck that is.”

First off let me start off by saying the better follow up for the reporter would have been, “Terry Rozier, you know, the guy who dropped 23 on your in Game One and Two.” I think it’s hilarious when athletes pull this kind of shit. They make themselves look so dumb and the worst part is that they know it while it’s going on and continue to play the part. The best part is the head scratch.

Well Drew, I mean Eric. Here is a formal introduction. Terry Rozier III, from Youngstown, Ohio , born on March 17, 1994 and has been a scorer his whole life. He attended the University of Louisville where he got the name, “Big Dick Rozier” by slaying strippers during his recruiting visit which eventually led to having a National Championship stripped from Louisville (pun intended) a few years later. He has developed into quite the NBA player over the last few years. In Game One, he dropped 23 on you including what should have been the game winning three. Last night, in Game Two, he dropped 23 on you again in an absolute route including a three that in the words of Yo Gotti – “Shawty got that nun night put yo ass to sleep.” T Rozay put you to bed last night. So when you wake up today, I hope you come to your senses and get to know BDR before Game Three. That may be the only chance you have to actually slow him down. Later.


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