Marvel's Avengers: Which positions would they play? (Football Edition)

In honor of the greatest movie franchise in modern history releasing their newest film this week, a theoretical scenario has been devised. I pose to answer the title's question with sound logic, solid reason, and die-hard fan-insight. In all situations, each hero/character will participate in their respective position with full powers that they possess available too them. For example, The Hulk will be in his Hulk form and not in his Bruce Banner form. All characters must be "good guys" and must be alive/reoccurring at this current point (Prior to Infinity Wars) in the movie series. They don't necessarily have to be in the Avenger films, just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let's figure this out.


QB- Captain America. He's got the arm strength and strong speed if he gets outside of the pocket. Not to mention, he's got that textbook quarterback look of the golden hair with the strong facial features. Best of all, he's got veteran experience (pun intended).

WR1- Black Panther- Probably the most athletic individual of the group. He is a fan favorite and can bring in the big bucks. If the game is on the line, expect him to get the ball, because his panther powers run deep, just like him.

WR2- Falcon. Biggest thing here is ability to run the tight routes. His physicality, and military-issue bird wings, make his break away speed a deciding factor. Also, he has fantastic chemistry with the QB.

RB- Vision. This guy is the most slippery running back in the league. It's pretty hard to tackle a synthetic humanoid that phases through all objects it comes in contact with. Normally downhill backs have a chip on their shoulder, but this one has an Infinity Stone in his forehead.

FB- Drax The Destroyer. This alien is a top heavy battering ram. He, like any successful modern fullback, is driven by anger and grit. He may not be fast or consistent, but he is a hard head and will not stop grinding until the game is done and his enemies are dead.

TE- Doctor Strange. Tall enough to block and resourceful enough to catch, the Sorcerer Supreme is a unique pick for this position. He may have faced a hand injury early on in his career, but his rehab was very successful. His magical powers can create magical stats.

OL- Hulk. No doubt the most useful player on the team. Really he can play any position on the team, but putting him here kills 5 birds with one stone. Replacing the entire offensive line with one mutant monster seems like a way to save other players for defense and special teams. Just don't get him offsides, you won't like him when he's offsides

SS- Scarlet Witch. As the first woman listed so far, she is a strong suitor for this position. After losing her brother to Ultron, Wanda Maximoff is on a mission to prove herself. And a runner is not easily making it past a hero that can manipulate matter with her mind.

FS- Black Widow. Best tackler on the gridiron. She might spin herself around her opponent 10 times and break all of his bones, but that sucker is going to the ground. She's a hard hitter and doesn't need special powers to do so. She's simply devoted to her training.

CB- Gamora. This green assassin will never give up on her target; wether it's under the tyrannical demand of her adopted father, Thanos, or just a mismatch at the receiver position.

CB- Ant Man. He is the king of match ups. Size manipulation to keep up with an opponent is a great strategy for victory, and if you don't believe that, then watch his game tape from Captain America: Civil War. The man plays to his opponent like no one else.

OLB- Iron Man. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist... and now... zone defender. In his suit, he can cover any part of the field in the blink of an eye. He's basically responsible for the team's success because he started the renovation of the locker room. No matter how quick or aggressive, this long-time member does not submit to whoever his rival is.

OLB- Star Lord. Best personality to feed off of. He is a gritty player with alethic genes, not to mention Celestial genes, in his blood. He's a natural born leader and is not afraid to risk his body to save a friend or defeat a foe. And if he scores a Pick6, the TD dance is legendary.

MLB- Nick Fury. Might as well have "Grandpa" on the back of his jersey. He's not at all incapable, but is much more of operator than an executor. He likes to get others to do the labor intensive work, so he only has to contribute when it's necessary. Great recruiter.

DE- Thor. Now this is a cocky player. When Thor has his opponent's number, Thor will let his opponent know. He can hammer his way through the O-Line (pun also intended) and does not worry about repercussions. May be prone to penalties, but comes from an infamous dynasty.

DE- Winter Soldier. This trouble maker was once a rival, and was not fully welcomed by his new team at first, but has proven his loyalty to his new teammates and hopes for a full acceptance soon. And his ability to rush the edge is aided by his bionic arm and military background.

DT- War Machine. Injured, yup. Over the hill, you bet. Rhodey probably should've retired after he was shot out of the sky and became paralyzed, but he just loves the sport to much. And as long as he has that missile shooting armor, his production is still a helpful factor.

DT- Happy Hogan. For the less familiar Marvel movie watcher, you may have no idea who this is. Well Happy is the fat guy who runs security for Tony Stark, played by John Favreau. If you've ever seen "Chef," it's that guy. He's not super and he's no hero, but he is a big guy and is the weakest link on the strongest team in history. It could be worse for ole Happy.

P- Rocket Raccoon/Baby Groot. Regular Groot would've be a first round pick if he hadn't have sacrificed himself at the end of the first Guardians movie. So now Baby Groot is standing on Rocket's shoulders and dropping the ball for Rocket to kick. Plus, these guys work better when paired up, so this works pretty well.

K- Hawkeye. If this is a draft, then Hawkeye is Mr. Irrelevant. And not because he's useless... which he isn't. But it is a total Hawkeye move to be a kicker. Helpful and precise, but does none of the heavy lifting. He does his job and that's about it.

PR/KR- Spiderman. It's your friendly neighborhood Devin Hester. Spidey can web swing and flip across the field like no one else. He's elusive and quick-witted, which means he thinks well on his feet. He's a baller, and even though he's young, he gets results.