5/2 VIP Picks

Happy fucking May! 5-1 last night and $100 on each pick would have profited $382 - KABOOM. We were a conceded run with two outs in the Red Sox game away from a 6-0 night. I’m pissed about that one but I’ll take 5-1. DAY ACTION! No rankings today, play all plays evenly.


Indians (Kluber) Nationals (Strasburg) (-105) - day action moneyline parlay here. Kluber has held the Rangers to a .225 in 40 at bats. The Tribe lineup is hitting just under .300 in 95 at bats against Moore. The Nats lineup has a .295 avg in 78 at bats against Nova. The Bucs have struggled against Strasburg and only have a .183 avg in 60 at bats. I’ll take even money for these matchups all day. Lfg.

Phillies (Nola) (-160) - The Phils will look to avoid getting swept by the Marlins tonight. Good thing they have Nola going tonight. He’s held the Marlins lineup to a .222 avg in 63 at bats. The Phillies will take on Jose Urena who they have a .311 avg in 45 at bats. Put away the brooms and get out the fucking fishing poles tonight.


Bruins ML - The Lightning took Game Two and these series is heating up. Even with the loss in Game Two - the Bruins have won 9 out of the last 12 against this Lightning team. There were certainly a few controversial calls in Game Two and the Bruins definitely could have taken it if those calls went the other way. They will return home to the Garden tonight and it should be electric, from the fans, not the Lightning.  I think the Bruins come out strong and never look back, look for a similar result to Game One and the B’s take a 2-1 series lead tonight. 

Sharks / Knights Over (5.5) - All three games have gone over this series and there have been 7 goals scored in each game. Game Two and Three have been more what we want The the scoring being even among both teams. The Sharks will be looking to even the series up tonight and I think they will. Not a bad play but I am more confident in another game going over (5.5). Yes please!