The Most Profitable MLB Teams...So Far

We are just over one month into the MLB season and we have had enough time for teams/players to establish themselves. Whether you bet games daily, play fantasy, or are just a fan of the game – there have been plenty of headlines, betting lines, and trends that you may or may not have noticed. Let’s take a closer look at some of these in our first monthly review of the MLB season.

Let’s start off by looking at one of the most important stats of all, most profitable teams to bet on.

1.Arizona Diamondbacks +1,408

2.Atlanta Braves +$895

3.Colorado Rockies +$871

4.Boston Red Sox +$793

5.San Francisco Giants +$747

The only team that I would have had on my list to be this profitable in the first month of the season would be the Red Sox. I guess maybe the Giants but I don’t think anyone other than Giant fans were extremely confident in their moves and especially not with Bumgarner on the DL. The Diamondbacks have picked up right where they left off last season, the Braves young guys are HERE, and the Rockies are playing good ball. I think that all five of these teams will continue to be profitable so if you haven’t been betting them, start betting them.

Just for fun, let’s compare this list above to the preseason MLB Power Rankings and see how those teams are doing:

1.Houston Astros -$427

2.New York Yankees +$681

3.Los Angeles Dodgers -$873

4.Cleveland Indians -$786

5.Washington Nationals -$373

By the looks of this, the public is a bit shocked at the betting results from the first month of the season. Only one team out of the Top 5 from the Preseason power rankings has been profitable so far this season. Now, for the record – these results are calculated on risking to win $100 on each bet so some of those big moneylines have hurt these teams (Hi Clayton Kershaw 😊). The Astros are one game back in their division, the Dodgers are four games below .500, the Indians are right at .500, and the Nats are one game over .500 thanks to a walk off yesterday. The Yankees started slow but they have now won 15 of their last 16. So what can we expect from these teams going forward? If I had to pick three, I would go Astros, Yanks, and Indians who will be the most profitable of these five teams from here on out. There isn’t much from the Dodgers and Nats to make me think they will have an incredible turn around (unless there are some trades made).

Now, the least profitable teams (sorry to these teams fans)

1.Cincinnati Reds -$1,659

2.Baltimore Orioles -$1,612

3.Chicago White Sox -$1,156

4.Kansas City Royals -$969

5.Los Angeles Dodgers -$873

No surprises here except the Dodgers falling in the Top 5 least profitable. I think we all knew not to rely on the Reds, Orioles, White Sox, and Royals. If you aren’t betting AGAINST these teams, you should start because their struggles will continue. Dodgers? Eh, let’s see what happens over the next few weeks.

How about starting pitchers?

Most Profitable:

1.Tyler Anderson +$474

2.Jacob Junis +451

3.Matt Koch +$400

4.Mike Minor +$397

5.Taijuan Walker +397

Are we surprised that three of these Top 5 play for three of the Top 5 most profitable teams so far this season? Nope. Shout out to Junis and Minor making the list while playing for teams that are 11-23 and 13-23. Start taking these friendly moneylines while they last!

Least Profitable:

  1. Clayton Kershaw -$975

  2. Danny Duffy -$700

  3. Jason Hammel -$700

  4. Jose Urena -$700

  5. Homer Bailey -$700

Clayton Kershaw has had some tough luck and he's been listed as a HUGE moneyline favorite in just about every start.

The starting pitcher can only do so much before he turns it over to the bullpen, let’s look at how the bullpens have stacked up in 2018. I couldn’t find blown leads or blown saves by team so let’s look at the Top 5 best/worst bullpen ERA:


  1. Houston Astros

  2. Arizona Diamondbacks

  3. St. Louis Cardinals

  4. Milwaukee Brewers

  5. New York Yankees


  1. Cincinnati Reds

  2. Chicago White Sox

  3. Kansas City Royals

  4. Texas Rangers

  5. Minnesota Twins

No real surprises other than the Mets bullpen not being listed in the worst five. Their ERA may not be as bad but they have blown some leads lately. They will need to address that hole if they want to make a run at the playoffs. If you are betting on any of the teams with the worst bullpens, you should consider betting the first five innings, not the whole game.

Thanks for reading and until next month, use this information wisely 😉