Mets Bat OOO, lose, & get facialed by Reds

I didn’t watch this game but I saw the update when it happened. I was going to just make a quick comment on it like, “losers.” Then I thought I would wait and see how the game played out since the Mets were only playing the Reds, I figured it wouldn’t matter. A few hours later, here we are and the Mets lost to the Reds in 10 innings, 2-1. Losers.

In the first inning, Wilmor Flores struck out for the second out of the inning then Asdrubal Cabrera hit a gound rule double. Jay Bruce came to bat and was called out due to the Mets batting out of order. The public lineup card had Flores batting second and Cabrera batting third but the lineup card that the Mets handed to the Umpire and Reds interim manager Jim Riggleman before the game had Cabrera batting second and Flores batting third.

There’s a few different things that really have my jaw on the floor in this situation. One, interim manager caught this batting out of order while being an interim manager for the worst team in baseball. He literally has no reason to care – he’s not going to keep his job. Two, the Mets batted out of order. How do you bat out of order in a Major League Baseball game? That really seems absurd to me. Three, the Mets lost 2-1 to the Reds and you could point to this batting out of order mistake as costing them the game. They should have had a guy on second with two outs with Jay Bruce up to bat in the 1st but the inning came to an end due to the batting out of order incident. Things have really gone down hill for the Mets pretty fast this season, huh?

They totally deserved this facial that they got from the Reds official Twitter: