14 Yr Old Jason Tatum Begs LeBron for Follow Back - Now Going Head to Head in ECF

The Eastern Conference Finals are set to begin on Sunday and it will be a rematch of last years with the Cavs taking on the Celtics. Some may be surprised that the Celtics were able to get by the Bucks and the Sixers (who were favorites to come out of the East) without Kyrie Irving AND Gordon Hayward. Let’s take a second to think about how good this Celtics team would be if those two All-Stars were healthy and playing. Wow. The Celtics have got to this point thanks to contributions from their young stars including rookie Jason Tatum. Tatum is averaging 18.8 points per game this post season which is very good but it doesn’t come close to his idol’s 30.8 points per game in his first post season, LeBron James.

Following Wednesday night’s series clinching win against the Sixers, Tatum was asked how the Celtics could slow down LeBron. His response was classic, “I don’t know.” I think this answer came because he didn’t want to disrespect his idol and he figured he could leave it up to the mastermind (Brad Stevens) to figure it out. Tatum will not be guarding LBJ one on one in this series but he will certainly play a part in slowing him down with the team defense that the Celtics rely on.

You might be wondering why I keep saying LeBron is Tatum’s idol. Here’s a tweet that surfaced from 2012 and it really tells the whole story:

This kid is thrilled to be taking a picture with LeBron and rightfully so. Tatum was just 14 at the time that this tweet was put out where he was BEGGING LeBron for a follow back. He threw out the whole family tree to try and get LeBron to remember who he was. Larry Hughes was LeBron’s teammate at one time so you might think that would help get the follow back. LeBron looks to be about as faded in this picture as the color of the picture – trying to chuck the deuces up put just can’t quite get the ring and pinky fingers down. Lol. Maybe Tatum can earn a follow back from LeBron if he puts together a solid performance against him in the Eastern Conference Finals. It will take one hell of a performance from Tatum and the rest of the Celtics to knock off The King.