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5/11 VIP Picks

3-1 last night and what a night it was! Nothing like taking an “underdog” on the road in a Game 7 and having them win in an absolute route! GO JETS GO! Braves and Cardinals came through for us on the diamond at good value. The only loser was the Royals who scored 6 in the first two innings as expected but they found a way to lose. Let the good times roll and let’s roll right into the weekend!


Dustin Johnson over Bubba Watson


Red Sox / Blue Jays Under (8.5) - Sale and Sanchez must start for action in this one. Sale has held this Blue Jays lineup to a .213 avg in 141 at bats. Sanchez has been even better against this Red Sox lineup and he’s held them to a .189 avg in 132 at bats. I think we get two quality starts from these guys tonight and this game goes under (8.5).

Braves (McCarthy) (-131) - #ChopOn the Braves are hot right now so hop on the Chop Train 🚂. They are 8-3 in their last 11 and they just beat this Marlins team 9-2 last night. They offer another valuable moneyline tonight when Brandon McCarthy takes the ball. He’s 4-1 this season and has been good. One caution here is that he is coming off of his worst start of the year where he gave up 8 runs to the Giants. I expect him to bounce back against this Marlins lineup tonight. The Braves will get him some run support against Straily who they have a .309 avg in 68 at bats against. #ChopOn

Astros (Verlander) (-1.5) - Verlander took his first loss of the season his last time out. That was his 8th start of the season and that was his first loss. He only gave up 1 run...crazy. Tonight he takes on the Rangers  who he’s only given up 1 run in 14 innings against them this season. The Astros bats take on Cole Hamels who they have already beat twice this season. Astros run line unless your playing a parlay just take the moneyline to increase your chances.

Brewers (Woodruff) (+114) - Brewers are listed as underdogs tonight and maybe that’s because they are facing a top 10 profitable pitcher this season, Chad Bettis. They actually hit him hard and the ball will travel even more in the thin air at Coors Field tonight. They have a .347 avg & .510 slg% in 49 at bats against him. I think there’s something profitable brewing at Coors Field tonight. See what I did there?

Angels (Skaggs) (-164) - Tyler Skaggs has been good this season, in 7 starts he’s only allowed more than 2 earned runs once (against the Red Sox). This Twins lineup hasn’t seen him before but I expect another good outting from him tonight. The Angels lineup will take on Lance Lynn who has been bad this season, 4 starts allowing 5+ EARNED RUNS. Look for the Angels to put up a crooked number on Mr. Lynn tonight. 😇 


Capitals (+157) - two NHL underdogs two nights in a row!? Let’s fucking go! I’m picking the Capitals in this series and it all starts tonight. I know the Lightning won 2 out of 3 between these two teams in the regular season but let’s take a closer look. The Caps took an early 2-0 and 3-1 lead in the first meeting on 10/9/17. It took a gag job for them to lose that one in overtime. I would say the Caps didn’t have the same intensity early in the season as they will have in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Capitals won the second meeting 3-1 on 11/24/17. Then the Bolts won the third and most recent meeting 4-2. I think the Caps are the better team although the standings don’t show that. The Lightning haven’t got much from their top two scorers in the postseason and I’d be concerned about that if I was a Lightning fan. Ovechkin has 8 goals so far in the playoffs and he will rack up a few more this series. Another thing to note is 6 of the last 10 games for each team has gone under or pushed at 6. 


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