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5/12 VIP Picks

3-3 last night after our golf matchup pushed during the day. However, if you played every play last night you still profited thanks to the huge payout on the CAPS and the Brewers paid plus money as well. I’ll take a 3-3 profitable day any day. Today’s Saturday and Saturdays are meant to be HUGE days! To the picks:


Jets ML - All the hype is in Vegas, “they are so hot and they are going to win the Cup. It’s a Sin-derella story.” Fuck that. I’m taking the Jets in this series and it will start tonight at home. It’ll be a white out and those Jets fans will be extra loud welcoming their team home after that dominant Game 7 win on the road in SMASHVILLE. I realize that Vegas has cruised through the first two rounds but Winnipeg has beat two better teams. Vegas beat the Kings (98 points in reg season) and the Sharks (100 points). The Jets best the Wild (101 points) and the Predators (117 points). The Golden Knights won the season series against the Jets 2 games to 1 and had a +1 goal differential. Like I said before though, I’m more impressed with the Jets opponents and what they’ve done to them. The Jets are coming off a seven game series with a +8 goal differential against the Predators who were the best team in hockey during the regular season. Let that sink in for a minute and then place your bet. I'll just be over here fueling up the JETS...


Cardinals (Wacha) (-120) - as expected, the Cardinals have won the first two games of this series against the Padres and they’ll win again tonight. Wacha is going for the birds and he’s been good this season. He’s 4-1 and he hasn’t allowed more than 3 earned runs since his first start back in March. Tyson Ross will be starting for the Padres and 5 Cardinals have faced him. They’ve owned him with a .346 avg in a small sample size 26 at bats. Great value here for this matchup.

Angels (Tropeano) (-145) - they burnt us last night but not two nights in a row. The Angels lineup will take on Kyle Gibson who they have a .292 avg in 120 at bats. On top of that, four different guys have hit homeruns against him. There are six guys in the Twins lineup who have faced Tropeano and he’s held them to a .222 avg in a small sample size. We will skip the Angel emoji on this one maybe that’s why it didn’t hit last night.

Dodgers (-190) - I don’t care who pitches for the Dodgers, I could pitch for them tonight and they could still win. Why? Homer Bailey sucks and he’s pitching for the Reds tonight. He’s allowed 3 or more earned runs in 6 of his 8 starts this season and hes 0-5 with an ERA just under 6. Huge moneyline here but Homers going to get pounded again tonight.


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