Cubs Gender Reveal Goes Wrong

For those of you have haven’t already seen this Cubs gender reveal gone wrong right outside of Wrigley, check it out here. LINK

First question I have is why the mommy is holding the first born child while making the pitch here? She’s got good form and it looks like she probably played softball back in the day but tell grandpa to take the kid before you make the pitch. With that said, how the fuck does daddy not swing here? I don’t care where the pitch is, you need to have the Vladimir Guererro mindset and you are swinging at ANYTHING in this situation. It’s bases loaded no outs, the worst thing that can happen is you hit into a triple play and find out that you are having a daughter. Instead, daddy checks his swing and decides to try and catch it. You never should get to this point but if you aren’t going to swing, you better catch the damn thing. BARTMAN! You go from an inning ending triple play to making a Moises Alou catch attempt minus the interference by Steve Bartman. Looks familiar, right Cubs fans?

Atleast all the Cubs fans watching could laugh this one off since the Cubs broke the Curse a couple years ago. I feel for this guy but he put himself in that situation, not swinging away is inexcusable. On a positive note, atleast he’s having another boy.

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