I need to confess.

I am such a loser tonight, I took the Cavs, I trusted LeBron, and I thought the refs would do everything in their power to help the Cavs win the game tonight. I was wrong and it wasn’t even close! 

LeBron came out scorching hot in the first quarter and was hitting fade away three pointers falling into the crowd by half court but he couldn’t hit a free throw. LeBron over 6.5 free throws another bet I lost. I’m such a loser tonight. The hit that Tatum put on LeBron clearly had him shook because he stopped attacking and that led to the Cavs losing this game. Although I do have to say that Brad Stevens made some good adjustments at halftime. Believe it or not I did predict this one and the Celts to cover (-2) in the second half.

Boy did he ever and the Celtics came out in the second half with a 40-22 run. This team is so good, they are missing their two best players, and they are two wins away from the NBA Finals.

I picked against my team tonight. I cheered for one of the athletes I’ve hated my whole life to score 7 free throws. I took the losses tonight. My vip guys took the losses tonight. But guess what? You can search the internet and you won’t find another handicapper owning up to his losses like this. I’m owning up to it tonight. I’m a BIG loser tonight. There’s winners and there’s losers and tonight I’m a loser. But more than not, I’m a winner and my followers are winners. Even after tonight’s Ls, VIP NBA Playoff picks are still 17-11 (60%).

To my team, the Celtics - it’s not that I didn’t Believe in you, I just went with the trends and the numbers tonight. LeBron is one of the best players to ever play the game and you guys are putting together a clinic against him. The Celtics were his worst nightmare at the beginning of his career and now you guys will clearly be his worst nightmare at the end of his career. Until decision 2.0 comes and he skips town, again.

Go Cs. ☘️