“If there’s anyone I had to put my money on, it would be this group” - Jaylen Brown

That was Jaylen Brown’s answer when asked what this young Celtics team could do to finish off this series against LeBron and company. Can someone please relay the message to Jaylen that just because the federal ban was lifted, it doesn’t mean that he’s allowed to start betting on basketball? That’s two days in a row that a player or coach has referenced betting since the news broke that the federal ban on sportsbetting has been lifted. It’s only the beginning and we are going to see more of this as the legalization process spreads across the country. It might be too late because based on how confident he was when he made that statement, he went right to the locker room and hammered the Celtics series line.

Are you betting on the Celtics? Do you believe in the Celtics? The series line has the Celtics favored at -240. Jaylen is hopping on this line, are you? The Cavs open up Game 3 as -6.5 point favorites. The Celtics are sitting at +220 on the moneyline. If LeBron plays aggressive - like the first quarter last night, the Cavs win Game 3 but I don’t know if they have #WhateverItTakes to cover the -6.5. You could tease the Celtics to +10.5 with the Under at 209….that seems interesting to me. Unless both of these teams score at the pace they did in the first quarter last night. Atleast we have three days off to think about our next play on this series.