Brandon Belt Accuses Ump of Fixing the Game Yesterday

Brandon Belt is a guy that is known for taking borderline pitches and that hurts him sometimes, like it did yesterday. With one runner on and the tying run on deck, Belt took a 3-2 fastball from Reds closer Raisel Iglesias. “STRIIIIIKE THREE!” Home plate ump Doug Eddings rung him up and the game was over. The problem here is that MLB Gamecast clearly shows that the pitch was outside.

I didn’t watch the whole game so I don’t know if this ump had a consistently big zone all day or if he was just widening the zone against the Giants in the 9th.

Belt didn’t hold back talking about his frustrations after the game. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s tough because you hope an umpire doesn’t affect the game like that, but he did, and you’re not sure if it was on purpose either,’’ Belt told news reporters. “I’ve heard the guy multiple times say that, or insinuate, that he’s trying to get to the game fast, and then he makes calls like that, that I can’t imagine he really thought was a strike. You gotta wonder.’’

So in other words, Belt thinks that the ump fixed the game yesterday. Let’s say that the ump did take the Reds moneyline, if he got it in early he cashed in at (+140) odds and if he put it in right right before the game started he cashed in at (+129).

Will things get worse as the legalization of sportsbetting spreads across the country? Or will the leagues use the “integrity” fees that they are requesting from the books to investigate their umpires, referees, players, and coaches thoroughly?