5/17 VIP Pick Review

MLB: Rockies (Bettis) (+130) - The Rockies have burnt us a few times already this season but like my ex wife on the honeymoon - “NOT! TONIGHT!” Bettis has been good this season and he comes in with a 4-1 record and 3.12 ERA. Samardzija on the other hand has not been good this season and comes in with a 6.94 ERA. The Giants are only hitting .228 in 79 at bats against Bettis. Rockies smash the ball off of Samardzija .321 avg in 193 at bats. Vegas says Rockies are underdogs - I say BULLFUCKINGSHIT! 

Result - Win - Rockies 5 Giants 3

$100 profited $130

Tigers (Boyd) (+162) - I’ll caution by saying the sample sizes in this game are small but with that said, I think there’s good value in the Detroit Tigers tonight. Matt Boyd comes in with a 3.21 ERA and will be up against Marco Gonzales and his 5.31 ERA. I mentioned small sample sizes. The Mariners only have a .111 avg in 18 at bats against Boyd. The Tigers have a .435 avg in 23 at bats against Gonzales. I’m not suggesting you hammer this one but it’s definitely a valuable play for the matchup.

Result - Win - Tigers 3 Mariners 2

$100 profited $162 NHL: Capitals ML - I feel like the Caps should be bigger favorites based on what we have seen so far this series. The Lightning came out and won 4-2 in Game 3 and that was shocking to everyone even Lightning fans. I think that was a classic case of a team (Caps) getting too comfortable being up 2-0 and they came out flat at home thinking they had it locked up. It’s kind of like getting comfortable with your main bitch and just when you think she’s all yours she leaves her DMs open when she goes to the kitchen. Yup, it’s just like that. The Caps got that reality check and they realize what they need to do to get this thing back under control, they’ll do it tonight.

Result - Loss - Lightning 4 Capitals 2