5/23 VIP Picks

Late collapse by the As makes for a 1-2 Baseball day. Congrats to all of you who DMd me for the Rockets pick though! I’m feeling good today and we have some good value picks.


Astros (Verlander) (-1.5) - I’ll take my Verlander with a side of 1.05 ERA. He’s been dominant this year and you can expect to see more of the same tonight. He’s held this Giants team to a .188 avg in 64 at bats. Samardzija comes in 1-2 with a 6.30 and you can expect this Astros lineup to hit him hard.

Red Sox (Price) (-135) - PRICE CHECK and its been a while since we have had one of those. The Price is right tonight at (-135) for a starting pitcher who has held this Rays lineup to a .177 avg in 113 at bats. The Sox will take on Chris Archer who they have hit in the past and MOOKIE will lead the charge with 4 career homeruns against Archer. Good value here.


Capitals ML - Game 7 and I picked the Caps to win this series before it started and I’m taking them to close it out tonight on the road. The Caps gave out shot the Lightning 140 to 109 in the last four games. That translated to more scoring for them in Game 6 and I think we will get more of that tonight. The Caps have already won 2 games in Tampa this series so I’m not worried about them on the road. Give me the Caps tonight and give me the Caps to win the Stanley Cup next series against Vegas!


Celtics ML - Everyone is taking a LeBron after two wins in a row and a lot of people are forgetting how this Celtics team played at home in the first two games of this series. I think this series is going seven games and I think the Celtics defend their home court tonight. Brad Stevens will make adjustments and these young players for the Csssss will feed off of the energy from the crowd. Celts win as “underdogs” tonight on their home court.