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Two Caps fans considering organ donation so they can get tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals

Whenever one of your teams makes it to the Championship, you always think about how much it’s worth it to go see them play. Tickets for championship/finals games are pretty expensive for the average American these days. The cheapest seat on Stubhub for Game 1 in Vegas is currently $749 and that doesn’t count the fees. The cheapest seat on Stubhub for Game 3 in Washington, DC is currently $833 without the fees. Those prices are for the ticket but you know you’ll spend another hundred or two on parking, food, and drinks. There’s that saying that you’re, “giving an arm and a leg” to go to the game. Well, for a couple Caps fans - they are literally considering giving up part of their body to see their beloved team play and win the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

I’m not an expert on how much you can get for certain organs but I did a little homework. Unfortunately for the first guy, he has zero percent chance at getting $150k for his kidney in Isreal. The average pull for a healthy kidney is $1k-$10k depending on what part of the world you are in. Let’s say he got somewhere in the middle $6k for his kidney. That’s still enough to cover his travel and get to a couple games to watch his ALLCAPS win the Stanley Cup. Transfer some bone marrow and he could get an extra $3k for his Stanley Cup betting bankroll. The best bet here would be to take the Caps to win the series at (+105) but he better get that money quick.

Guy two has more of an in depth plan and he’s done his homework. However, I think he’s being a little optimistic to recover from a kidney transplant and take a 12+ hour flight back to DC two days later. Then plan to attend an NHL Stanley Cup game two days after that and partake in all the activities that go along with that.

I absolutely love where these guys heads and hearts are at but unfortunately, I don’t think that they have the time to pull this off. It does raise a good question though, what would you do to be able to watch your team play and win in a championship game or series?

I will keep you updated if this story progresses over the next week.


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