6/2 VIP Picks

Well that was a tough night! Carrasco was terrible and Brew Crew/Sox take the L. 1-3 last night thanks to a few things not going the way we thought they would. Bounce back day today.


Yankees (Tanaka) (-170) - The Yanks have a .305 avg & .475 slg% in 141 at bats against Gausman. Aaron Judge has 3 career homeruns against him. Tanaka will pitch for the Yanks and he’s held this lineup to a .231 avg in 134 at bats.

Blue Jays (Happ) (-140) - not a huge sample size here but the Jays have a .441 avg & .853 slg% in 34 at bats against Boyd. Over half of their career hits against him are extra base hits. Happ has held the Tigers lineup to a .259 avg in 54 at bats. I’m liking the Jays in this one.

Astros (Verlander) (-180) - Verlander will get the ball for the Stros tonight. He’s held this Red Sox lineup to minimal success and has held them to a .238 avg in 122 at bats. David Price and his arrogant attitude will be pitching for the Sox tonight for the first time since calling himself soft. The Astros will take full advantage of that and they should jump all over him.


Capitals / Golden Knights Over (5.5) - we got burnt on this one in Game 2 but all I can say to that is:

This is how close (or how far) away from the over we were. These teams still combined for 65 shots on goal and played at the pace we expected them to. They put up 10 goals in Game 1. I’m rolling with the over again tonight!