You know what's really fucked up, Tristan?

Reporters came at Tristan Thompson asking about guarding the Warriors and specifically Curry.

Reporter: Does there ever seem like there’s a sense of helplessness out there?

TT: No...fuck? No, we did a good job I mean I’m switching on him I’m guarding him, so...I’m never helpless with no guy in the NBA. Fuck that. That’s fucked up. Next question. That’s fucked up. *walks out*

I’m not sure what set him off so much with this question. It seems like a valid question to me, it seems like there would be a sense of helplessness when you pick and choose which guy to guard and then the Warriors just pass to someone else who drains a wide open three or three in your face. I just wish I could have been one of the reporters in the room because I would have came back with the follow up question, “You know what’s really fucked up Tristan?”

For anyone who has been living under a rock for the last few months, Tristan Thompson got caught cheating on on Kloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child. That would have been my follow up question for him. “You know what’s really fucked up Tristan? Cheating on your pregnant girlfriend…….Later!”