Sportsbetting officially LEGAL on the East Coast

The first legal bet was placed in Delaware by Governor John Carney and he took the Philadelphia Phillies on the moneyline at (+206). You could call that one a homer bet and there were some better options out there for him but I feel like he had to go with the closest team to home to give the people what they want. I’ll put it out there that Governor John Carney is clearly not a KofSports VIP member because that was not one of our plays for today. Let’s take a closer look at this matchup and you can decide if you want to follow his footsteps.

Since he placed his bet (10 minutes ago) the line has dropped from (+206) to (+197) so people must be hopping on board with the Phils. But why? Kyle Hendricks will be starting for the Cubs tonight and only four guys in the Phillies lineup have faced him before, he has held those four hitters to a .241 avg in 29 at bats. Zach Eflin will get the start for the Phils and six Cubs have gone against him before, they have a .312 avg in 16 career at bats. As for who’s hot, who’s not - both teams are coming off of sweeps in their last series, the Cubs swept the Mets and the Phillies got swept by the Giants. I’m not taking this game but if I was going to, I would pay the juice on the Cubs moneyline and feel pretty good about my chances.

Either way, we just witnessed a huge moment in sports betting history as it is officially legal on the East coast. I saw a video and there is some serious buzz in the building at Dover Downs right now. They better have plenty of paper because they are printing out the betting tickets like there’s no tomorrow. Today is an exciting day, but there is tomorrow, and sportsbetting will still be legal. This. Is. Awesome.