Grading the foul ball chick at the Padres Braves game last night

What a catch! This chick catches a foul ball in her beer and whether it was on purpose or not, it’s still pretty impressive. I’m saying it was on accident because it looks like she had the beer in one hand and she was on instagram with the other hand. What are the chances of a foul ball going up like that and landing in her cup? 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000? Let’s grade her performance:

The Catch - A- - “Kof, how can you give her an A- that was an unbelievable catch!” It’s tough to see the actual catch take place with this footage but I honestly feel like this was 100% pure luck.

The Chug - A+ - This isn’t the first time that someone has caught a foul ball in their beer and chugged it. I feel like you really don’t have any other option in the situation, especially when the whole section around you starts chanting, “CHUG IT! CHUG IT!” The tilt of the head and the “Fuck it” really gives this chug the A+ grade. As far as time goes - it took her 13 seconds, well below average but let’s give her a break, it looks like an IPA.

The Rack - A+ - You can definitely see her flaunting it low key but it would have got an A++ if she took the jacket off for the chug. She shakes it after the chug and then gives the hip dip at the end. Love it.

I would love to get my hands on the video that her annoying friend took the whole time while bursting out hysterically in laughter. I bet it’s SO annoying.