5/7 VIP Picks

3-1 last night and we were a rally started by a pass ball 4 runs in the 6th inning away from an undefeated night. I’ll take it and I’m ready to go on a fucking heater! We hit the Warriors last night to cover the spread on a night where everyone and their brother was saying the Cavs were a mortal lock. My response?


Day action parlay

Cardinals / Twins (+113) - two teams that have fucked us over the last two days but they will make up for it today. Mikolas will go for the Cardinals and he’s 6-1 this season with a 2.49 earned run average. I’ll take him to have a quality start and this Cardinals lineup should get to Marlins starter Richards and his 4.94 earned run average. The Marlins can’t sweep the Cardinals right? Jose Berrios will start for the Twins and he will dominate the White Sox lineup like he has in the past. He’s held them to a .172 avg in 64 at bats. The Twins lineup will be up against “Big Game” James Shields who is 1-6 this season. No more comments necessary on that. Plus money for parlaying two big time favorites and it’s day action on a Thursday. Let’s go.

Astros / Rangers Under (9) - Gerrit Cole and Cole Hamels must start for this one to have action. Hamels has always been good against this Astros lineup and he’s held them to a .224 avg in 174 at bats. He went 6 shutout innings against them on May 11 of this season and 6 innings allowing 2 earned runs against them on April 13th. Both of those games went under 9 with a 1-0 and 3-2 final. Gerrit Cole has held the Rangers lineup to a .095 avg in 42 at bats with a strike out rate of 40%. Cole has pitched 14 innings against the Rangers this season and he’s only allowed 3 earned runs. This is a great bet and I suggest getting it early before the line starts to drop later in the day. The bats should be Cole tonight, get it? I mean cold. Terrible joke, I’m just trying to get my point across.


Capitals (+130) - That’s not a typo! The Capitals close it out tonight and Alexander Ovechkin will finally get his moment to raise the Stanley Cup. It’s been a long time coming and tonight will be special. So how do the Caps win Game 5 on the road tonight? Let’s look at the numbers. If you look at most of the stats for each team from this series, you would think that this series should be tied up 2-2. Shots - Caps 103 to Knights 125. Hits - Caps 151 Knights 134. Faceoffs won - Caps 128 to Knights 127. Power play - Caps 12 to Knights 12. However, if you’ve been watching the games you know that the Capitals have now dominated the Knights three games in a row. It’s great to score goals and you have to score to win but if you can prevent your opponent from scoring, that goes a long way as well. The Capitals have been playing incredible defense the last three games and that has led to their domination. In Game One, blocked shots were 18-17 (that was the game with 10 goals scored). Since then, the Capitals have blocked 68 shots and the Knights have only blocked 25 shots. They clearly made it a point to play better defense and it has paid off. I expect them to continue the defense tonight and they will take more pucks to the chest, groin, and shins. The bruises will hurt but they won’t hurt as bad as the hangover of champagne will in the morning. I called this one before the series started, they will close it out tonight. #ALLCAPS #GoCapsGo