KofSports Belmont Stakes Experience

It may have seemed like I was missing in action this weekend and wasn’t tweeting or writing as much but that’s because I was on a weekend sports trip. Mets Yankees on Friday night at Citi Field, Belmont Stakes on Saturday, and Phillies Brewers at Citizen’s Bank Park on Sunday. I was busy having the TIME. OF. MY. LIFE. It was a great weekend overall but I really wanted to take some time to talk about my experience at the Belmont Stakes and witnessing history with Justify winning the Triple Crown.

So I’ll start out by saying that this was my first BIG horse race that I have ever attended. I’ve been to Saratoga and Plainridge Park a few times but I’ve never been to a BIG race. The official attendance was announced at 90,327. It’s tough to stick out in a crowd of over 90,000 people but I was able to make a unique selection from my wardrobe and stick out. Here’s my crew:

When I tell you that I took over 100 pictures with people, that’s an understatement. The people LOVED the suit and they loved KofSports, “personality.” The suit definitely represents the type of personality I have so I was happy with the attention that it drew to me. I made each person give a nice “KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS!” before they took pictures with me. I was also lucky enough to meet up with a member of KofSports Nation, here we are:

It was nice to make a connection with someone who has been following me from the early stages. Yes, he also won a large sum of money on Justify to win outright. Here was the official KofSports pick for the Belmont Stakes on Saturday:

“Belmont Stakes"

To win: Justify - currently 5/9 odds to win. A lot of people are concerned about Justify drawing the rail position in this race but I’m not concerned. I think he will take the lead right out of the gate and never look back. The length of the track had other experts concerned but I’m confident that his trainer has him prepared to take down the Triple Crown.

I feel like if you’re betting Justify, you have to go all in on Justify today.”



He took that advice and ran with it as aggressively as Justify ran the race. BOOM! The total dollar value that was wagered on Saturday’s 13 race card was the second most ever at $137,954, 895. It was the second most ever behind the 2014 Belmont Card when California Chrome was denied the Triple Crown.

The signature drink is a Belmont Jewel and I also had the pleasure to try a few of those. Bourbon whiskey with lemonade and pomegranate juice was perfectly refreshing. I hope Justify was able to have one of those after putting his name in the record books.

I wasn’t the only celebrity in the place, believe it or not. We saw John Calipari, GRONK, Julius Randle, Jimmy Fallon, Third Eye Blind, Jaylen Brown, Bob Costas, and many more. For anyone who still missed it, here’s your boy KOF getting some TV time on NBC Sports:

Overall, it was a great experience and something that I will most definitely attend again in my lifetime. It’s a great location and an impressive venue. I’m happy to have witnessed a Triple Crown in person and that’s something that I will probably never get to see again. What a day and all I can say is what I kept repeating to people all night on Saturday – “TRIPLE CROWN!!!”

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