New Jersey - Tomorrow 10:30 a.m. = SPORTSBETTING

Another state will legalize sports betting on the East Coast tomorrow, New Jersey. New Jersey was originally supposed to be the first state on the East Coast to legalize it since they were the state that fought for seven years to get the federal ban lifted. I know a lot of people were disappointed that they weren’t up and running sooner (mostly because they didn’t get the chance to bet on the Golden State Warriors legally). A two week delay is gone and the debut will be going down tomorrow morning at Monmouth Park and Borgata.

Monmouth Park will be a fully functional sportsbook as of 10:30 a.m. EST on Thursday. They will offer just about everything a sports bettor could imagine including MLB bets with the first pitch of the day coming an hour and a half after the first bet will be placed, World Cup, WNBA, U.S. Open, NFL Week 1, Canadian Football League Week 1, Wimbledon, Nascar, UFC, and future bets for all sports. Talk about being prepared and ready to go as soon as possible. I am jealous of any of you that will be walking in to Monmouth Park tomorrow and I beg you to send me videos yelling KOFSPORTS. Monmouth has a full sports betting room William Hill Race & Sports Bar.

Borgata Casino in Atlantic City will be right behind Monmouth Park and the first bet will be made at 11 a.m. EST on Thursday. Borgata will be using the same facility as their horse racing parlor to accept sports bets until a facility is put together specifically for sports betting. The Borgata Casino is owned by MGM Resorts International which has operated a sports book in Vegas in the past. I feel like there isn’t as much excitement for Borgata just because they don’t have a facility specifically for sports yet. Either way, walking in and laying down some doe on bets legally is pretty fucking exciting.

There are a few other racetracks in Jersey including Meadowlands and Freehold that plan to offer sports betting in the future but they are not prepared to be up and running on Thursday. The other casinos in Atlantic City are in the same boat as these racetracks and they are just not ready to go yet but they will be within a few months (in time for the start of the NFL season).

Mobile betting will not be allowed for the first 30 days as they want to make sure they have everything figured out. That’s probably better than dealing with the mess that could quickly be created if the structure isn’t set up correctly. When Jersey offers online wagering that will be a one up on Delaware because they did not include the online wagering in their initial plan. I believe the reason for this was because they could not get the bill to pass for other types of online gaming such as blackjack and other games. Side note - I’m not sure why anyone plays online blackjack? Can you say fixed?

It will be another historic day in American History when sports betting becomes legal in another state. DM me if you are heading to either one of these locations and I will send you some info for your trip. As for the next state to legalize it, I am predicting it will be Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Mississippi. They have already passed the bill, they just need to complete final preparations. Until the next state legalizes, make a trip to New Jersey!