Kof's Bankroll Management Strategy

Play the juice, don’t PAY the juice. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. For example, let’s say that your betting “unit” is $10. If you have a game that you’re betting with a moneyline of (-150) you should bet $10 to win $6.67 rather than risking $15 to win $10. Yes, the juice is the same but playing the juice is smarter than paying the juice. The reason for this is because when you pay the juice, you’re betting more than your standard betting unit. Let’s take a closer look at my bankroll management strategy and betting structure.

I have put this bankroll management strategy over ten years of trial and error. It’s a great system and it makes your chances of profiting in the long run a whole lot better than if you are just randomly betting games different amounts on games every day.

Your first step is determining your starting bankroll. This is key because if you don’t determine your bankroll, you can’t follow the strategy/structure that I have put together below. Having a bankroll will allow you to stick to this strategy and avoid a lot of mistakes such as going on tilt. So determine your initial bankroll, be sure that you are comfortable with the amount that you decide to start with. For this example, we are going to start with a bankroll of $100. Now that you have determined your starting bankroll, it’s time to take a closer look at the strategy/structure I have put together.

Starting bankroll = $100

Levels: (vary based on your starting bankroll)

Level 1 = $100-$199

Level 2 - $200-$299

Level 3 = $300-$399

Level 4 = $400-$499

Level 5 = $500-$599

Level 6 = $600-$699

Level 7 = $700-$799

Level 8 = $800-$899

Level 9 = $900-$999

Level 10 = $1,000-$1,099

You will need to reference these levels as you continue to build your bankroll. To start, you want to make each bet 10% of your starting bankroll. So, since we are starting with $100, we will start off by betting $10 per bet. We will continue this until we build our bankroll to Level 2. Once we build our bankroll up to Level 2 ($200-$299), each bet will be $20. You will continue to do this as you build your bankroll and take it to each level. YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING ANY PARLAYS UNTIL YOU BUILD YOUR BANKROLL UP TO LEVEL 3 OR HIGHER. Why? I think that’s pretty obvious but your chances of winning parlays are much slimmer than winning straight bets. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. If you have any questions along that way, just email me at kof@kofsports.com or DM me on Twitter @kofsports. Of course, you need to pick winners consistently for this strategy to work and I can also help you out with that. KOOOOFSPORTS!