Brewers Pitcher Pukes - TWICE

This is what happens when you’re at the bar on a Saturday night and get the call that you’re being called back up to the Major Leagues the next day. SHOTS! SHOTS FOR EVERYBODY! The Brewers called Adrian Houser up from Triple A. He probably didn’t expect to get in the game Sunday since he had to travel in for a day game and it was a 5+ hour flight for him. He came in and finished his warm up pitches but then it happened:

The trainer and manager came out to talk to Houser but he assured them that he was OK. He gave up a lead off double and then got a ground out to third. One guy on, one guy out, yaaaaaaaaaaaack. He puked again. The manager came out to visit him again but again, he decided to leave him in the game. Houser then gave up an RBI double and then got the final two outs of the inning.

“It was hot.” “He was nervous.” The top two excuses that you see the main stream media making about this situation. “He was dehydrated.” There’s another and I agree with that one but that’s a nice way of telling the truth that this guy was fucking HUNGOVER. It’s clear as day, he went out to the bar with his boys on Saturday night, got the call that he was being called back up the next day, told everyone the news and started ripping shots. This guy is 25 years old, that’s prime time age to just fire shots back and give no fucks about the consequences. Pretty epic story for him, I couldn’t find anything to see if his parents made it in to witness the game but I'm sure they are proud. Other clubs are putting together a quick scouting report on this guy, “his stuff is nasty.”