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Tanaka can't pitch but he can jump around no problem?

Tanaka strained not one but two of his hamstrings back on June 8 in a game against the Mets when he was running the bases. He got pulled from that game following the injury and there was speculation that he would miss weeks. Over 10 days have passed since he was put on the 10 day disabled list but he’s still injured. I know most of my predictions are based on teams winning or losing games but based on what I saw last night, Tanaka should be activated and make a start this weekend.

The Yankees come back was capped off by a walk off home run by Giancarlo Stanton last night. Walk offs are always exciting for the fans and the players. Walk offs = party time. Check out the link here of the Yankees celebrating Stanton’s homerun. Peep Tanaka in the background jumping up and down and dumping Gatorade everywhere.

There’s two possible scenerios here:

  1. He is fully healed and will be activated today or tomorrow to make a start this weekend against the Rays.

  2. He re-injured his hamstrings and he misses another 10 days.

Either way, I don’t agree with players jumping around celebrating when they are on the disabled list.


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