Pirates want a cut of sportsbetting revenue to pay for field maintenance

Check out this statement from the Pittsburgh Pirates with the legalization of sports betting on the horizon in Pennsylvania:

“Without professional sports there can be no professional sports betting. Providing a professional sports product is a costly endeavor. While our landlord is responsible for capital repairs and improvements at PNC Park, the Pirates are responsible for maintenance and operational expenses at PNC Park, which has been named the premier ballpark in the country since its opening in 2001. The capital needs at PNC Park are significant and unfortunately are much higher than the current funds allocated to them by our landlord. We have been engaged in constant dialogue over the past five to seven years with city, county and state officials about the need to allocate a funding source to the capital needs of PNC Park.”

Where do I even start on this one? What. The. Fuck? Are. You. Serious? What a laughable statement for the Pirates to make. I mean, I guess it’s worth a shot but I think they could have come up with a better pitch than that. They are right, without professional sports, there can be no professional sports betting BUT is that supposed to be positioned as a threat that they won’t play the games if they don’t get a cut of the sportsbetting revenue? Doubtful! Let’s take a look at the numbers since you guys know I love the numbers. The Pirates have generated an average annual income of $240 Million over the last five seasons. The average annual salary of a Major League Baseball Grounds Crew member is $28,000. Let’s say that there are 30 groundskeepers for the Pirates - that’s $840,000 which is less than 1% of the Pirates average revenue over the last five seasons. Here’s what I would like to say to the Pirates:

  1. Shut the fuck up

  2. Mow the grass

  3. Paint the lines

  4. Rake the mound

  5. Water the field

  6. Stop asking for more money, you have plenty.

Will the Pirates end up getting a cut of the revenue generated from legalized sportsbetting in Pennsylvania? I wouldn’t bet on it!