6/26 VIP Picks

Allow me to get this off my chest my name is KOF! (Public Service Announcement music). So I have had a few rumblings about the quality of picks since Thursday. I’d like to address this now because there are a few things that need to be said. Friday 2-3 (with a jackhamer win), Saturday 2-2, Sunday 1-2, yesterday 2-2. I get the fact that those are not winning days but for some of you to hit me up saying you’re getting “KILLED” with those results, something needs to be addressed. You’re either not betting all of the picks or you’re betting more on the ones that lose than the ones that win. I always say and I always will say that if you bet the same amount on every one of my VIP picks, you will profit in the long run. We had a 14-5 run before that and if we add the last four days results we are 21-14 which is still 60%. Do we go on unreal runs in which seems to be every week? Yes. Will we go 4-0 every night? No, no one will. I’m here to assure you guys that with the amount of time that I put into these picks and the research that I do, we will always hover above 60%. As of this morning, we are 178-116 on MLB picks since Opening Day, that’s 61%. I just want you guys to know that we will go on weak stretches at some points like we just did but before you know it, we will be on another 10-3 run - believe that. KOFSPORTS! So how to break a slump? No parlays. No run lines.


Nationals (Scherzer) (-201) - JACKHAMMER - I get it that the moneyline on this one is absurd but if you want to break a slump, don’t rely on a run line. Hammer the fucking shit out of the moneyline on this one. Scherzer has held this Rays lineup to a .156 avg in 45 career at bats. He also had 13 strikeouts when he pitched against them three weeks ago to the day. The Nats will take on Eovaldi who they also hit hard three weeks ago in that same game. They come into today’s game with a .370 avg & .580 alg% in 81 at bats. Get out the Jackhammer. If you want better odds, take the run line at your own risk but if the Nats win 3-2 don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m hammering the moneyline. $500 bitcoin for $250. If you don’t believe me, go on google and type in bitcoin converter to see for yourself.

Athletics (Montas) (-111) - Here’s the value play of the day. This A’s lineup has a .375 avg in a small sample size against Blaine Hardy. 4-1 Frankie Montas continues to impress in each start and he’s only allowed more than 2 earned runs in one of his five starts this season. I will take the A’s and Montas at this price against this Tiger’s lineup any day of the week.

DBacks (Godley) (-155) - Godley has never pitched against anyone in this Marlins lineup but he comes into tonight’s game 8-5 with a 4.64 earned run average. Any one of us could pitch for the DBacks tonight and still get the win with the matchup the offense has. They will take on 0-4 Elieser Hernandez. Oh Elieser. They just pounded him for 5 earned runs in three innings on June 1 and won that game 9-1. They had a .385 avg and hit three homeruns against him in that game. Look for the DBacks to come out confident and aggressive at the plate.

Cubs / Dodgers Under (8) - Deja vu? Deja get me a brew. We just played this same bet last Wednesday and we won with a final score of 4-0. Lester and Stripling must start for action in this one. Lester went 7 scoreless innings against this Dodgers lineup last Wednesday and has held them to a .198 avg in 116 at bats. Stripling went 6 innings and allowed 3 earned runs last Wednesday against this Cubs lineup and has held them to a .195 avg in 41 at bats.