6/28 VIP Picks

A losing day and we are now 6-7 since Monday, with the juice added in, you are down 2 units if you bet the same amount on every pick. Honestly, that’s really not that bad of a week but it feels worse because things have been mediocre since last Friday but we are still 13-11 since then. I’m out here putting in the work running the numbers but we have had some tough breaks. Yesterday we were a Braves bullpen blow up away from a winning day. The picks will come around and we are DUE. No parlays, no run lines. Play the juice don’t pay the juice. Example, if you bet $10 per bet, risk $10 to win $5.55 don’t risk $18 to win $10. I’m feeling good today. It really hasn’t been THAT bad this week and if we close the week out with winning days we will be up! Let’s fucking go, it’s thirsty Thursday and I need twice as many beers as wins tonight! Good thing I have 8 pounders in my fridge! 🍻 🍻🍻🍻


Dodgers (Kershaw) (-180) - It’s great that Kershaw will be pitching for the Dodgers in this one but it’s better that they get to face Jose Quintana. Dodgers have a .392 avg & .652 slg% in a small sample size against Quintana. His last start against the Dodgers cape last October in the NLCS when he gave up 6 earned runs in 2 innings. The Dodgers won that game 11-1. Kershaw has been good but not great against the Cubs in the past but today, good should be enough.

Giants / Rockies Over (8) - both teams have had success against the opposing starting pitchers in this match up. Starting with the Giants they have a .305 avg in 59 at bats against Jon Gray. The Rockies are even more impressive at a .459 avg in 37 at bats against Stratton. This game should go over!

Mariners (Leake) (-155) - The Mariners go for the sweep against the Orioles and I think they will get the brooms out. They will be up against Jimmy Yacabonis, fuckin Jimmy Yacabonis. He comes into today’s game with a 15.43 earned run average and the Orioles have lost 13 of the 16 games he has pitched in since the start of the 2017 season. Mariners should make that 14 out of 17. Mike Leake will start for the Mariners and he’s coming off a start of 8 scoreless innings against the Red Sox. GET THE BROOMS OUT! THE NAMES JIMMY!!

Astros (McCullers) (-165) - The Rays have won 5 games in a row and 7 of their last 10. That’s pretty good buttttttt the Astros have won 17 out of their last 20. This Rays lineup is just 2-24 with 10 strikeouts against McCullers. I’m rolling with the Astros tonight.

Added 5:30 EST

Red Sox (-130) - With the collapse of the Dodgers bullpen and Mariners playing pocket pool with the Orioles, I will NOT settle for a 2-2 day. Red Sox have outscored the Angels 45-10 this season and the bats should be out again tonight. The rain is moving out and the sun is moving in in Boston. Very similar to how are week has gone....rainy but it’s time for the fucking sun to come out. Brian Johnson will start for the Sox and he threw 3 scoreless innings against this Angels team earlier this season.