My Monmouth Park Sportsbook by William Hill Experience

So a lot of you have probably seen the screenshots and videos on the feed over the last 24 hours of me winning money at Monmouth Park Sportsbook by William Hill. I’m here to give the place and my experience a complete review so let’s get right to it.

I would have loved to make it down to Monmouth Park for the grand opening of sports betting a few weeks ago but it’s a 4 hour drive for me and yesterday was the first opening in my schedule that I had a chance to get down there. Along side Kyle Covers, we took off from Massachusetts around 7:45 a.m. on Saturday and arrived at Monmouth Park around 12:45. We immediately went in to the William Hill sports book and got some bets locked in. Here’s a summary of the bets:

Blue Jays (-180) - Risk $200 to win $111 - Result = Win - What an exciting way to start the day at the sportsbook, a walk off win thanks to a homer by Justin Smoak.

Angels (-150) - Risk $200 to win $133 - Result = Win - They were trailing 2-1 until the 8th inning when they put together a rally to take a 6-2 lead.

Astros (-1.5) - Risk $50 to win $45 - Result = Loss - Not a good day for Verlander and it’s starting to be a trend if you look at his recent starts that fatigue might be getting to him. This was my first legal sports betting loser. I only played $50 on this one because it was the run line.

Parlay - Blue Jays / Angels / Brewers / Astros / Red Sox - Risk $100 to win $1,588 - Result = Loss - Brewers and Astros both let me down on this one.

Red Sox (-140) - JACKHAMMER - Risk $500 to win $357 - Result = Win - Thank you, thank you very much. This is the one game that I went down there to hammer and I wish I would have just laid my whole bankroll on this one. The Sox jumped out to an early lead that they built on all night. 11-0 for a no sweat JACKHAMMER win. Ok, you guys who saw me there know I was sweating but that was from the suit, not any stress!

Parlay - Red Sox / Mariners - Risk $100 to win $145 - Result = Win - I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even watch the Mariners game because I blacked out after the JACKHAMMER hit. We went back to cash this ticket this morning before hitting the road.

Overall +$596 and a pretty solid experience.

So what did I do for all the games? I sat right in the middle of the sports book and had the beers constantly delivered to the table. “You want ANOTHER one?” “Yes please!” So how was the service? The one thing I would say is that the waitresses don’t really walk around actively looking for people who NEED ONE. You have to flag them down and then they come right over. It just gets to an awkward point when you’re giving her the eyes to come over with your 10th beer. I also got a burger in the sportsbook and I would only give it a 4 out of 10. You need to hit up the Max’s Famous Hot Dogs stand right outside of the sportsbook if you end up making the trip. I had one of those for lunch and it was absolutely incredible. The service was great, all of the workers are very friendly.

Here are some of my encounters I had with various people:

Ticket Writer:

Kof - “OK, first one is going to be a 5 team MLB moneyling parlay - Blue Jays, Astros, Brewers,....”

Ticket Writer - “Woah woah woah, slow down. Read off the numbers. *laughs*

Kof - “Oh got it, this is my first time here.”

Yankees Fan:

Yankees Fan - “What was the JACKHAMMER?”

Kof - “Red Sox moneyline, can’t you tell? It’s the 7th inning and I’m giving standing ovations for singles.”

Yankees Fan - “Aww fuck it. I’m a Yanks fan but I knew you were right. Can I get one of those stickers?

Kof - “Sure, as long as you put it on your forehead and scream KOFSPORTS!!!”


Security Guard:

Security Guard - “Who did you have? Oh the Angels, they haven’t scored a run since like the 4th inning. That sucks, you’re probably going to lose.”

Security Guard - “Oh you bet the Red Sox? How much? You should have bet more huh!?”