7/5 VIP Picks

Are you kidding me!? 4-0 with 4 JACKHAMMERS!? Was that the best day ever? YUP! $100 parlay on all 4 picks paid $834. We are 11-1 since Monday and we are absolutely on fire! I hope you guys all enjoyed your 4th of July! Do me a favor and tell a friend about how hot I am. Also - someone needs to call the fire department because this fire is getting OUT OF CONTROL! I’m throwing gas on it, let’s keep this thing going tonight.

Braves (Fried) (-105) - VALUE ALERT! How the fuck is this moneyline only -105? The Braves will be taking on Jhoulys Chacin tonight who they have hit HARD in the past. When I say hard I mean HARD - they have a .381 & 643 slg% in 42 career at bats against him. 6 of the 9 hitters in the Braves lineup have an extra base hit against him. Max Fried will be starting for the Braves and there is no real history of the Brewers lineup against him. However, this 24 year old has been solid at the big league level this season and has only allowed 5 earned runs in his 6 starts.

Twins (Slegers) (-131) - The Twins will be up against 2-8 Andrew Cashner and we are going to cash in on that match up tonight. They own a .321 avg in 28 at bats against him. Aaron Slegers will be starting for the Twins and he was good in his only big league start this season when he pitched 5.2 innings and allowed 2 earned runs against the Royals. He will pitch against a struggling Orioles team that has only won 1 game out of their last 10.

Marlins / Nationals Under (9) - Get this one in before the line moves! Jeremy Helickson will pitch for the Nationals tonight and the Marlins have struggled against him in the past and they will struggle against him again tonight. They come in with a .211 avg in 95 at bats against him. The Nats will take on Pablo Lopez who they have never faced but how many times do you see the Nationals offense lighting up the scoreboard this season? I know right, like never? I like the under in this one.