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NFL Survivor Pool Challenge 2018

Nitrogen Sports is running 8 different survivor pools and there is a perfect fit for every NFL bettor, no matter what your bankroll is. Here is a quick break down of the different pools and the buy in/payouts converted to USD from last season!

Like I said, there is one for every size bettor. I am thinking I’m going to join the Free, Draftee, Rookie, and Captain pool. I’m here to challenge KofSports Nation to beat me in these survivor pools. Anyone who signs up for the Draftee, Rookie, or Captain pools and beats me will receive a FREE 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP to ($150 value). That will be a nice bonus on top of what you will win in the pool if you beat me! So bring it on, I know you guys want to take a shot at me and I’m ready! How will we track it? You will be able to see entries by User ID and I will publish my user ID once I enter each contest. I know most of you know how NFL Survivor Pools work but here is the link for all of the details:

If you have any questions on depositing bitcoin onto Nitrogen Sports, send me a DM @kofsports on twitter/instagram or email me directly at

Football is almost here and it’s going to be awesome! Who is up for the challenge?


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