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7/26 VIP Picks

Well when you start the week so hot, the only thing that can slow you down is mother nature and starting pitchers getting traded and scratched from their starts. We have no action on two bets last night - Red Sox cancelled in the top of the second inning when they were already up 5-0 - should have been an easy win. Yankees no actioned because Eovaldi was traded before the game and did not pitch. So we have a 1-2 day and we are feeling like losers. We are still 8-4 since Monday and looking to keep the winning going through the weekend. Let’s see what we got for tonight.


Dodgers (Hill) (-134) - So what I typically do is look at the numbers of each lineup against the opposing starting pitchers before I look at the moneylines. When I saw the Dodgers numbers against Sanchez I figured we would be looking at a steep price but that’s not the case at all. There is some value here and the Dodgers should be rested up after their day game yesterday. They come into the matchup against Anibal Sanchez tonight with a .387 avg & .693 slg%. Those are hall of fame kind of numbers. The Dodgers also already beat Sanchez this year. Rich Hill will start for the Dodgers and he has held this Braves lineup to a .222 avg in 27 at bats. I like the Dodgers as a valuable play here.

Red Sox (Johnson) (-162) - First off - let’s say that the forecast says “mostly cloudy” for tonight but it will be raining earlier in the day. It seems like it’s been raining across the whole country for the last week. Sox return to Fenway tonight and they will take on the Twins who are coming off a sweep of the Blue Jays but they were swept by the Royals before that. Brian Johnson will start for the Sox tonight and he hasn’t allowed more than 2 earned runs in any of his 6 starts this season. 4-7 Kyle Gibson will start for the Twins and the last time he pitched against the Sox, the Sox won 9-2. The Sox lineup comes into tonight’s matchup against him with a .301 avg in 93 at bats. As long as it’s “mostly cloudy” at Fenway tonight, the Sox bats should be shining. I got the Sox.

3 team moneyline parlay:

Yankees / Dodgers / Red Sox (+292) - I can’t get myself to take the Yankees by themselves at -260 on the moneyline and I can’t take the -1.5 with Sonny Gray on the mound. However, I do like the matchup for the Yanks tonight. They come in with a .355 avg & .548 slg% against Junis in 31 at bats. Don’t think you’re telling me something I don’t know that Junis already beat the Yanks earlier this season. I’ll tell you something you didn’t know - the Yankees had to sleep on a plane that wasn’t flying before their trip to KC back in May. See pic below:

Sonny Gray has held this Royals lineup to a .203 avg in 74 at bats. You’ve already seen above what kind of numbers the Dodgers and Sox have but I’ll remind you: Dodgers = .387 avg & .693slg% in 75 at bats against Sanchez. Red Sox = .301 avg in 93 at bats against Gibson. Ladies and Gentlemen (yes, we have a few ladies who are members of KofSports Nation and I love it) - the first ever 3 team parlay...JACKHAMMER! I’m very confident in all three of these matchups and I will be hammering this parlay - $500 to win

$1,463. Are you as thirsty as I am? NEED ONE!

$500 to win $1,463


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