World Series Prediction

Ok, the trade deadline has passed and we have a better idea of who is equipped to go for a World Series victory this season. The way I’m going to do this is a round by round playoff simulation until I get to my World Series winner.


Wild Card Game: Cubs / DBacks - Give me the Cubs in the play in game. They will have Jon Lester on the mound who has plenty of playoff experience. The Cubs currently rank 4th in the Major Leagues in runs per game at 5.01. I think that will be too much for this Diamondbacks team to overcome.


Wild Card Game: Yankees / Mariners - I’ll take the Yankees in this game with Severino going up against James Paxton. I have the Yankees as a no brainer to get into the Wild Card game and the Mariners winning a close battle with the A’s but I think the M’s have better pitching and that will get them in in the end. In this Wild Card game, I have the Yankees winning when they are at full health. The offense is too much for the Mariners to keep up with and the Yanks will be playing at home. Yankee Stadium is an intimidating place for teams to go into in October.


Division Round:

Brewers / Nationals - WOAH - You didn’t expect me to have the Nationals in did you? After that statement from the GM last night and them scoring 25 runs, I think this Nats team goes on a serious run. I also think the young players that make up the Phillies and Braves will fall off down the stretch. Brewers play a hot second half to beat the Cubs in the NL Central but then run into Scherzer & Strasburg in this series and that’s too much. Homerun champ Bryce Harper hits a walk off homerun in Game 4 to win this series.

Dodgers / Cubs - The Dodgers prevail in the NL West and this team gets really hot down the stretch. The Cubs get past the DBacks in the Wild Card game but lose to the Dodgers for the second season in a row in October. Kershaw, Stripling, and Hill/Maeda make up a pretty good rotation for a postseason series and the additions of Dozier/Machado pay off big time for the Dodgers in October.


Division Round:

Red Sox / Astros - Something has been going on with the Astros. I don’t think it will stop them from winning the AL West bust something is going on with them. Justin Verlander (the ace) has been getting touched up over the last month and a half and people are starting to question his stamina. The Red Sox lead the league in offense and that’s what has really kept them going this season. The Astros have a top 5 offense as well. Last year, the Astros out hit the Sox and embarrassed them in the divisional round. This year, the Sox slug it out with them and move on. This will be the first playoff series the Red Sox have won since 2013 - they won the World Series that year.

Indians / Yankees - Here’s a playoff series that is a perfect example of why the playoff structure doesn’t make sense. The Indians will win their division but the Yankees will finish with 10+ more wins than them. It’ll show in this series and the Yanks will knock off the Indians in 3 or 4. The Yanks are just a much better team than the Indians this year and it will show. I am suspect of some of the Yanks starters and so is their front office with the moves they made but they currently rank 4th in earned runs allowed per game. I think a healthy Yanks lineup will out hit the Indians in this series.


Nationals / Dodgers - This will be a fun series to watch, there will be good pitching on both sides and it will take timely hitting from each of these lineups to win games. I think this series will go 6 or 7 but I have the Dodgers representing the National League in the World Series again this year.


Red Sox / Yankees - Oh baby, things are getting good now. The Yanks are up on the season series 5-4 thanks to hitting David Price hard a few times (they always do). However, the Red Sox have outscored the Yanks 25-1 when Chris Sale has pitched this year. I think you see Sale start three games in this series to avoid an extra start by Price. Sox win a great series in 7 with a walk off by none other than the hottest hitter on the planet this year, Mookie Betts.

World Series

Red Sox / Dodgers - Red Sox will have the home field advantage in this one because they will finish the season with 10-15 more wins during the regular season. The Dodgers put up a good fight in the World Series last year but they always seem to gag in the postseason. This year is no different and the Red Sox knock them off. The Red Sox offense is too much for the Dodgers to match up with. The Sox are averaging almost a full run more per game than the Dodgers this season.

So there you have it, call me a homer if you want, that’s fine. But for those of you who actually trust me - take advantage of the value that this article presents to you.

Red Sox current odds to win World Series - 6/1

Dodgers / Red Sox odds to play in World Series - 11.5 to 1

Kof predicted the Royals and Cubs to win the World Series around this same time back in 2015 & 2016. Kyle Covers predicted the Astros to win the World Series before the season started last year. #JustSayin