8/11 VIP Picks

2-1 yesterday to bounce back from our disastrous Thursday! I will take it. Let’s make it a HUGE Saturday!


Red Sox (Price) (-1.5) - JACKHAMMER -Game 1 of the double header today and how about those Red Sox bats last night. Too bad they couldn’t have scored 19 runs on Thursday when we had them as a JACKHAMMER. PRICE check today and he has been good this season. He’s coming off of a good start against the Yanks who have his number and we’re in his head. He should absolutely dominate this Orioles lineup today who he has held to a .221 avg in 208 at bats. The Sox will take on Jimmy fuckin Yacobonis who comes in with a 7.15 earned run average. Give me the Sox BIG in this one.

Astros (Morton) (-195) - JACKHAMMER- Get on this one early because the line will keep getting bigger. The Astros will face Wade LeBlanc who they have a .433 avg & .917 slg% against in 60 at bats. Is this real life? Those are crazy numbers. 12-2 Charlie Morton will pitch for the Stros and he’s held this Mariners lineup to a .247 avg in 146 at bats. The Astros should win this one easily.

Dodgers (Buehler) (-136) - JACKHAMMER- Walker Buehler will start for the Dodgers and he has had two really good starts in a row - 7 innings 1 earned runs against the Brewers and 5.1 innings 2 earned runs against the potent Astros lineup. He will take on the Rockies tonight who he has held to a .250 avg in 52 at bats. The Dodgers get to take batting practice off of Kyle Freeland who they have a .344 avg in 64 at bats lifetime. Let’s go Dodgers!

When I said let’s make it a HUGE Saturday I meant let’s make it a HUGE Saturday. 3-0 3 JACKHAMMERS! LETSSSSS FUCKING GOOOOOO!!!!