How your mindset affects your betting strategy?

It can be tough to make money betting on sports but if you put together a solid strategy, there is unlimited money to be made. Your mindset directly affects your strategy and you may not even realize this. In today’s article, I am going to talk about two different mindsets that sports bettors have and which one is the right mindset for you if you want to be profitable in the long run.

There is no perfect strategy in sports betting, there are many different strategies that will work. However, there is a mindset that you need to have or else you will not be profitable in the long run. Do you bet to “win” money or do you bet to “make” money? What’s the difference? A lot of bettors out there look at it as if they are “winning” money. That’s a mindset that many gamblers have that ends up hurting them. I associate the “winning” money mindset with people who want to strike it big and get rich quick. Is this possible? Sure. Is it likely? About as likely as your 10 team parlay against the spread that you put in every Sunday. What’s the mindset of a bettor who “makes” money? The people who make money on sports betting make bets with a higher percentage to make money even if it doesn’t come with an 8-1 payout. A lot of people will get caught up on the odds and think that it’s not worth it to take a heavy favorite on the moneyline? Why isn’t it worth it? Would you rather win $50 or lose $100? I’ll win $50 every day over losing $100. Let’s take a look in the example below of a typical week of a “win” money mindset vs “make” money mindset:

The guy who has the “win” money mindset went 1-6 on the week but he hit that big 5.5 to 1 parlay which made him feel like a big winner. However, his weekly result was a loss of $50. The guy who has the “make” money mindset went 5-2 playing high percentage plays with lower payouts, he didn’t hit a 5.5 to 1 parlay, but he finished the week with a profit of $101. I used various moneylines for this example so I hope it paints a good picture for you. Just think how much this build up over a full year, no matter what your bet size is. The amount of people who don’t think it’s worth it to take a heavy favorite at -200 is off the charts. The odds are listed that way for a reason and it’s because those plays have a much higher chance of winning than the underdogs listed at +150 and above.

So now it’s time for a little exercise for you. Which one of these mindsets sounds like the one you have? Take a few minutes to think about it, here are a few tips:


  • You play more parlays than straight bets.

  • You think that you just need to hit that one big parlay that will win you life changing money.

  • You shy away from straight bets because the odds aren’t “worth it.”

  • You think about what you are going to spend your money on before you even place your bet.

  • You hope to win but expect to lose.


  • You make mostly straight bets but will play a small parlay every now and then.

  • You care more about winning at a high percentage consistently than hitting the big parlay once in a blue moon.

  • You expect to win but can handle your losses.

  • You are completely fine with a consistent side income no matter how much it is.

One final analogy for you - the “win” mindset is like playing a lottery ticket - the “make” mindset is like having a second job. Which one best describes you?

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