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KofSports Update

Here at KofSports, we continue to do our best to make our memberships as affordable and provide as many options as possible for our clients. I’m happy to announce our new/adjusted pricing structure for VIP members:

1 Day - $10

1 Week - $25

1 Month - $50

1 Year - $499

Football Early Bird Special ONLY $200 - get it quick before its gone! Offer only valid for a limited time.

NFL 17 - 166-90-5 (65%)

NCAA 17 - 95-53 (64%)

What’s different? We are bringing back the 1 day and 1 week pass which we have offered in the past. We feel like this is a good option for people who want to see what we are all about or for the people who aren’t betting every day. If you’re taking a trip to Vegas with your buddies, a one week pass is the steal of your lifetime. These plans are effective immediately and can be purchased at

I also want to give a quick update on things that we have coming up for this fall that are new!

NFL Sunday Press Conferences with Kof - every Sunday, I will be going live on twitter/instagram during the 45 minute to 1 hour gap between the late game slate and the Sunday night game. I will give a quick review of how we did on the day with our VIP picks/fantasy lineups and then open it up for questions. I’ll also give stats/trends for the Sunday Night/Monday Night games on the weeks that they are not part of my VIP picks.

Fantasy Football Weekly Previews - All of my Fantasy Football advice is absolutely free and that will not be changing. I am going to be doing a show this fall for you guys with fantasy previews. I’ll talk about the weekly matchups and the best options at each position ect. This will be a Wednesday night or Sunday morning show and I’m leaning towards Sunday mornings.

KofSports Official Madden Tournaments - Yes, we had a Madden league in the past but it’s tough to keep up with ongoing leagues each season. We will be offering our followers Madden Tournaments with prizes. We are currently working on all of the details and will be releasing those in the next week or so. In the meantime, you all should be getting your practice in!

Live streams - I’m planning on bringing you guys more live streams this football season. I’ll be going live during big parts of big games and engaging with all of you during the games. This is going to add a whole other element to KofSports Nation.


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