8/20 VIP Picks

Ok guys, Sunday wasn’t the way we wanted to end the week. We go 1-2 (Bartolo Colon didn’t start for the Rangers so that bet was no actioned) and the Jackhammer missed by 1 run! It was a bad day for sure and let me tell you, I had it a lot worse. I went up to Saratoga for the horse races. Picture me wearing my blue plaid suit in the clubhouse and next thing you know I pass out, hit my head directly on the ground, and had a seizure. EMTs put me in a wheelchair and I passed out and had another seizure. I spent 6 hours in the emergency room. A BAD day. I think it was the betting gods punishing me for going 1-2. All jokes aside, it was a scary moment in my life and I’m happy to say that everything is OK. We still had a nice profitable week last week. Now, let’s go ahead and start this week off with a fucking BANG louder than my head made when I hit the ground yesterday!


Brewers (Anderson) (-1.5) - The Brewers get to take on HOMER BAILEY tonight and this one should be a LOCK. As most of you who are long term members already know, Homer Bailey is just 1-10 this season and the Reds have only won 1 of the 16 games that he has pitched in. Dude is having a terrible year and it’s crazy to think that he ever threw not one no hitter but two in the Major Leagues. Kids used to look up to you Homer, what happened? Anyway, the Brewers come in with a .328 avg & .600 slg% in 125 career at bats against Homer. Ryan Braun has 4 career homeruns against him. Homer has faced this Brew Crew lineup one time this season and he allowed 5 earned runs in 5 innings. Chase Anderson gets the start for the Brewers and he has held this Reds lineup to a .218 avg in 55 at bats. If you are playing the run line in this one, it is just a normal play. If you are playing the moneyline - this one is a fucking J A C K H A M M E R!

A’s / Rangers Over (8.5) - So the A’s and Rangers have been going over 8.5 this whole season when they play each other. Check out the scores from the last four game series they played in late July - 15-3, 13-10, 6-5, and 7-6. Both lineups have GREAT numbers against the opposing starters. The A’s come in with a .330 avg in 88 at bats against Bartolo Colon and they scored 6 earned in 7 innings against him last time they faced him. The Rangers come in with a .307 avg in 114 at bats against Fiers. We won’t have the same humidity in Oakland that they did in Texas last time they played so I don’t think we will be seeing a 15-3 or 13-10 final but I do think that they go over 8.5 with the numbers both of them have against the opposing starters.

Red Sox / Indians Over (8) - The Indians have great career numbers against Rick Porcello - .341 avg in 138 at bats. They used to beat up on him when he pitched in the AL Central on the Tigers. The last time Porcello faced the Indians was in the Playoffs in 2016 and he allowed 5 earned runs in 4.1 innings. I’ll go ahead and say the Indians should get to him tonight and put up some runs for us. Kluber has good numbers against the Sox in the past but this lineup is a different animal than he has seen. Another thing to point out is Kluber has had a few rough games this season including a start where he allowed 6 earned to a similar lineup to the Sox in the Yanks. They are playing at Fenway Park tonight and I think both of these lineups will put up more than 8 runs for us, OVER.