9/5 VIP Picks

Money money money monnnnnnayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 3-0 day with the over in the Mariners/Orioles game pushing - that means we didn’t lose a single bet and that my friends is how you bounce the fuck back after two losing days in a row. A few of you have sent me screenshots of your bet slips and we pulled in some NICE cash last night! How about another day of high percentage plays today and then NFL season starts tomorrow? SOUND GOOD!? LFG.

I have a favor to ask you guys today. I am getting interviewed by a major sportsbetting/review website and they have asked if any of my members would give some answers for the questions below:

Did any particular event motivate you to sign up for a capper service?

(ie: seeing a cappers' winnings after the World Series, losing a large bet, etc)

Do you find that you come across a lot of services promoting themselves?

Would you say the majority of them are legitimate or seem too good to be true?

Lastly, do you have any particularly positive or negative experiences with cappers you want to mention?

How has your experience with KofSports been?

I’d appreciate honest feedback from you guys good or bad. If you could send your answers to kof@kofsports.com I will compile the answers I get and send them back to the editor for the website.



Cardinals (Mikolas) (Even) - What a deal on this one. The Cardinals will take on 8-14 Tanner Roark who they have a .303 avg against in 76 career at bats. Miles Mikolas has only faced this Nats lineup one time but he held them to a .250 avg in 20 at bats. The Red Birds won last night to snap a three game losing streak and they are holding on to a 1 game lead for the second NL Wild Card spot. Look for them to put together a good game tonight backed by their ace.

Yankees (Severino) (-160) - We haven’t bet the Yanks in a while because they haven’t been playing consistent enough to be confident in them. However, I really like the matchup that they have tonight against Mike Fiers. They come in with a .320 avg against him in a good sample size of 97 at bats. This lineup also has 8 career homeruns against him. Luis Severino will pitch for the Yanks and he has held this A’s lineup to a .222 avg in 45 at bats. In a game earlier this season on May 13, Severino pitched 6 innings and only allowed 1 run against this A’s lineup. I like the Yanks tonight and I haven’t said that much lately.

White Sox (Kopech) (-180) - I know, this one is a little pricey but for good reason. Kopech made his first full big league start (that wasn’t interrupted by a rain delay) against the Tigers on Aug 26 and the Sox won that game 7-2. For those of you who don’t know about Kopech - he was part of the trade the Red Sox made for Chris Sale and he is the real deal motherfuckers. He’s 1-0 with a 0.82 earned run average. He will get run support tonight too because the White Sox have a .351 avg in 114 at bats against Jordan Zimmerman. The White Sox have scored 23 runs in 18.1 innings against Zimmerman this season for an average of just under 6 runs per game (4). I don’t see Kopech giving up 6 runs against this Tigers lineup who he only allowed 1 run over 6 innings against a week and a half ago. Give me the White Sox tonight.

ALSO - send me any questions you have for fantasy football so I can feature the questions on episode one of KofSports NFL Live debuting tonight!